Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may have become slightly over-commercialised but it’s hard not to succumb to the romance of it all when February the 14th rolls around. In all honesty, this day is a good excuse to give and receive gifts, and enjoy a little fun with the one you love.

From unisex fragrances to personalised hampers for him from Thorntons to a day out with a difference – get creative and give a gift that will delight your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Scents for him and her

Perfume is something of a luxury item but is one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts. There are tons of options for both men and women, that are usually separated by season. Since Valentine’s sits at the end of winter, it is worth investigating fresh spring scents for the change in weather. Don’t be shy asking for help in this area, specialist perfume shops and department stores have trained staff that can explain to you the complexities of base, heart and top notes to each fragrance. If your partner is really picky, then spray on the scent of your choice in the store and then ask their opinion at home before buying.

The personal touch

When a person puts a little thought into a gift it always feels more special, and this is where a hamper tailored specifically for your other half is a winner. Create a gift-filled hamper full of favourite items including DVDs, CDs, books, fragrances and even items of clothing. If your loved one has a sweet tooth then splurge on luxury handmade chocolates, you can create your own personalised one filled with their favourite sweets.

A gift with a difference

Valentine’s Day comes around once a year and if you’re really trying to impress then investing in a special day out is sure to win that person’s heart, if you haven’t already. A hot-air balloon ride may sound clich├ęd but it’s hard to beat when it comes to sweeping your loved one off their feet. Of course, some classics are classics for a reason: a night out to a nice restaurant followed by an overnight stay in a luxury hotel will always win multiple brownie points. However, if you are keen to push the boat out, pun intended, you can always choose a long weekend mini-cruise, which can include some of the world’s most romantic destinations such as Venice or Paris.

You don’t always have to go for the most expensive gift to show how much you care on Valentine’s Day. As long as you take into account your partner’s tastes, your Valentine’s Day will be special.

Image by fly used under the Creative Commons license.


  1. Nice to have something with a personal touch :-)

  2. Lots of good ideas!


  3. As someone who loves all things heart this is the best time of year for me...although I end-up spending a fortune buying all the heart-themed gifts for myself :-P

  4. Some really good gift ideas there, thanks.

  5. I love the personal touch idea. You can make something, rather than spending a stupid amount on a gift that the other may not like it use. Thank you

  6. Great ideas, I will be on a tight budget this year


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