Sponsored Video: Mumsnet - Your Bank Live 2015 #YourBankLive

Barclays hopes to make banking, and life, easier for families and is presenting a series of family-friendly products, including Code Playground, part of their Digital Eagles campaign.  Other family-friendly initiatives include a new HomeOwner app, Cashless Days, and more family friendly branches, all of which will be put through their paces by Mumsnet members, a group not known for holding back when it comes to critiquing new initiatives!

Over the past three years I have managed to teach myself enough code to troubleshoot blog problems, to create images and links, and to tweak anything that's broken, but alas this sort of thing really does not come naturally to me, it's a long, slightly shouty, slog.  But for many of the younger generation this sort of thing is going to be a basic need of daily life, whatever their job.  Their need to embrace, manipulate and utilise technology is only going to grow and, although I'm sure much can be learnt from the X-Box and Wii, there is a serious side to the new technology for them to conquer too.

As part of the Your Bank Live campaign, Barclays invited Mumsnetters and their children aged between 7 and 17 to take part in a special Code Playground session.  The 11 invited children learnt how to make their own special programme under the watchful guidance of Barclays Digital Eagles.  Whilst they enjoyed a busy morning of coding, computers and creativity, their mums took the opportunity to have their questions and concerns about online safety for kids answered.

Here's the video of the day:

Coding is going to play a big role in our economy’s future and Barclays is taking steps towards helping people understand and embrace coding with this campaign.  Barclays Code Playground can be found online, and Barclays Digital Eagles are available to help support families through one-to-one help in branch.

If you would like to know more about the Barclays Your Bank Live and Digital Eagles initiatives, have a look at the Barclays website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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