SS15: Spring Summer 15 Trends

Have you started thinking about spring clothes yet?  We're off on our first holiday of the year soon and I really can't decide what to pack.  There are some days where it's positively spring like, but others where it's still absolutely freezing.  I think layers are probably the way to go, but I am a bit tempted by all the new trends and colours around.  As the fashion cognoscenti prepare for the AW15 fashion shows, we mere mortals are turning our attention to what's in the shops now for the brighter, warmer, sunnier days to come.

So what do you need to know?  The '70s are back - again! - as well as a bit of a '90s sporty-grunge theme, although to many of us that All Saints-style sports-casual theme of light tailoring with trainers etc doesn't seem that long ago!  Oriental style, florals and print loom large too, especially super-sized art prints, not for the faint-hearted.  but of course that will water down into more acceptable shading, colours and prints when it hits the High Street.  Although some of the most cutting edge fashion can be found online or in catalogues these days.  The speed with which these retailers can get new stock on their pages is very impressive.

I'm currently loving this new denim trend at Marks & Spencer, picked up on by Vogue no less.  The kickflare jeans are just fab and how cute is this A-line skirt?!

What have you got your eye on for the new season?

All pictured items available at Marks & Spencer


  1. I'm hoping for more tunic dresses this season, they peeked into the winter season but would be suitably vintage for spring!


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