Valentine’s Day: Ideas for Him

Life as a couple can be a rollercoaster as you move from the early days of courtship, through to settling down together and then the days of new beginnings with a family of your own.

Throughout these life stages we can tailor our Valentine’s Day gifts to meet the needs of our phase in life. Here we explore varying ideas for gifts as we grow together as a couple.

The Dating Game

When a relationship is very new, and you are in the first flush of love, it’s wonderful to give a gift that expresses your sentiments. Engraved items, where you add a message of love such as on a watch, do this perfectly.

Highly personalised gifts are also very popular at this stage of your life together and what could be more romantic than wishing on a star. This is especially true if the star is named for your boyfriend. Companies offering the ability to name a star are growing in number and it is a way of gaining a small place in history for your loved one.

Settling Down

Moving in together for the first time can be hugely exciting but is also often a time of getting to know each other in close quarters and it can lead to friction. If you often disagree over items such as furniture, making a purchase as a gift can be a great way of showing that you appreciate your boyfriend or husband’s style.

With such a big purchasing decision, that you will both have to live with for a while to come, it is probably better to get your man’s input before you buy. Modern designs such as those from BoConcept will appeal to you both and it’s then a case of integrating your individual preferences in terms of fabric, colour and shape into your final choice of sofa.

Baby Days

When a new addition to your family is on the horizon it’s still vitally important to show your partner just how much you love them. This can be a great time to gift adventure or experience days to your man so that he can enjoy something he has a passion for, whether it’s a sporting activity, fast cars or a flying lesson.

Time away together as a couple can also be valuable, so consider booking a short break or a spa weekend for the two of you as your partner’s Valentine’s Day gift.

When your baby is born traditional forms of celebration are a way for the whole family to play a part in your good news. Expectant Mums usually have a baby shower but the party element isn’t quite so clear-cut for Dads. Therefore on Valentine’s Day, before the birth of your baby, treat your partner to a special day out.

The London Helicopter provides one of the best days out for tourists who would love to see the capital at a height. This idea is quite extreme, however it is a great experience to encounter together.

All of these ideas demonstrate that not every Valentine’s Day has to be filled with the same traditional gifts. In fact as our relationship with our partner matures we can become more inventive with the gifts we buy them, rather than less. This is because we grow to know them so much better and can therefore appreciate what will bring them joy whether that’s a physical gift or an experience which will generate many happy memories.