Valentine's Night IN

So it's V-Day tomorrow.  What have you got planned?  The husband has some grand plans I believe, but I have done precisely nothing yet - oops!  I'm hoping there'll be flowers, Champagne and some lovely gift, of course.  Although with three children under 5 there won't be an evening out, in fact I'm sure the extent of our romantic evening will be slumping on the sofa with a movie!  To be honest, I'd much prefer that.  The high-pressure romance of red and pink-bedecked restaurants full of couples gazing lovingly into one another's eyes is always rather nausea-inducing, I find.

So if you have a lovely evening in planned, with good food, good wine, a good film and, hopefully, good company, have a look at these findings from the team at Broadband Choices.  Maybe there's a film you fancy trying?  I love Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing, and have a bit of a soft spot for the delectable DiCaprio in Titanic, as long as I can close my eyes and ears when Winslet is doing her usual cringe-worthy overacting!  Not sure I'll be watching any of hose though, Steve still has his eye on that Game of Thrones boxset :-/

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!