Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids

If you're trying to cut back on the chocolate-buying, then there are lots of great ideas for fun and inexpensive gifts out there.  Some of the best toys and other gifts we've found are:

Warnings are out about a new infestation of tiny robotic creatures, hot on the heels of the Hexbug innovation comes ... the Aquabot.  The Aquabot is the first water-born HEXBUG micro robotic creature - with smart fish technology!  Like the Hexbug Nano, it is powered by electro-magnetic propulsion, and this little robotic toy swims just like a real fish, diving down and around, changing direction, to explore its environment. The colorful Aquabot is equipped with an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, can your kids work out the science of why it works then?  The HEXBUG Aquabot is available in two body styles and ten translucent colors, RRP £7.99.

The TOMY Sing to Learn Bunny Bus is aimed at toddlers aged 18 months+ but Sophia (3) absolutely adores this, so we would recommend it for older children too.  Designed to help with learning colours, numbers and letters, the bus has 25 phrases in 4 languages.  Just use the wheel at the front of the bus to choose the language they sing the unique, contemporary songs in, either English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

As the three cute bunnies go off on their adventures, choose which bunny you want to drive the bus.  Each one selects a different section of phrases: blue bunny teaches the alphabet; green helps little ones learn numbers, and yellow activates all the colour phrases.  The bunnies in the rear seats aren't left out though, as they join in to sing the harmonies!

Like much of TOMY's range of Infant and Toddler toys, the bus focuses on ‘kid-powered’ play, providing endless play possibilities which allow the child to be in control, and to come back again and again to play in different ways.  The engaging interactive qualities and varied play modes make this a toy toddlers will love, and that will last a long time.  It is great vale at £19.99, and with the bunny characters makes a lovely Easter-themed gift.

Not entirely chocolate-free, but another lovely bunny gift is this super-cute and cuddly, gold plush Lindt bunny.  Complete with tinging gold bell and beautiful red ribbon around his neck, this large bunny toy has a secret pouch containing some gold foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies too, but they're only mini ones so not too much of a threat to little teeth!  Available from Tesco and other supermarkets countrywide.

Vivid Toys has two lovely ranges sure to capture the hearts of young children, Care Bears and Peter Rabbit and friends.  Yes, the Care Bears are back!  Originally born in 1983, the lovable Care Bears have a new series on Tiny Pop and a new toy range to boot.  Available in a rainbow of colours, each Care Bear has a symbol on their tummy that represents his or her personality.  Highly collectible for a new generation of Care Bear fans, these cute little bears are making a comeback in 2015 with a brand new toy range, including cuddly 8" beanies and full size toys featuring a host of instantly recognisable Care Bears characters, old and new.  Lara was delighted to receive Share Bear, her favourite character, a lovely little cuddly purple bear, now a permanent fixture in Lara's play - and bedtime cuddles.

The 8" beanies include Grumpy Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear and Share Bear and are priced at £7.99 each, while medium-sized soft and cuddly versions of these four bears, plus Harmony Bear and Tenderheart Bear, are also available with an accompanying DVD featuring episodes from the animated series.  These are priced £17.99 each.  20” super soft versions of favourites Funshine Bear, Share Bear, Cheer Bear and Tenderheart Bear will also be available this year.

Lara and Sophia both adore the new Peter Rabbit animation series on CBeebies and were delighted to see that there are toys available too.  Having reviewed the treehouse play set at Christmas, the arrival of cuddlies was met with whoops of delight.  Our Lily plush has become a much-loved and cuddled member of the girls' soft toy family already.

Vivid has brought the characters to life with cute 6" plush toys of Peter Rabbit, Lily Bobtail, Benjamin Bunny and Cotton-tail, ideal for cuddles and play (£6.99 each); cuddly 10” Talking Plush Peter and Lily with lovable expressions and a range of phrases (£14.99 each); and super-huggable Giant Peter and Lily Plush (£19.99 each).  All are made form silky-soft plush fabric, perfect for cuddles, adventures and fun.

The toys are widely available and would make lovely gifts for spring.  Don't miss our Peter Rabbit: Tales of the Start of Spring DVD giveaway too!

Tesco has these cute Safari Animal Plush Toys with a small 60g Decorated Egg for just £4, a lovely gift which combines a chocolate treat and a long-lasting cuddly too.  Choose between a cuddly tiger teddy or a panda bear, each holding their own cute little chocolate egg.

A lovely gift for girls are the beautiful bracelets from Carrie Elspeth.  Their children's Sentiment Minis collection is perfect for little wrists and combines beautiful Czech seed beads with adorable silver-plated charms.  Priced at £9.99 each, the range includes pink, purple, silver and white bead versions, with charms such as hearts, flowers, butterfly, angel and ballet dress.  These adorable gifts would be perfect for any occasion, and a lovely first jewellery gift for any little girl.  Lara is absolutely delighted with hers!

If you are buying for a Shaun the Sheep fan, there is a great range of toys available following the recent movie.  We love the Baahing Shaun Plush Toy, just squeeze his tummy to hear 6 phrases, RRP £17.99, such a cute gift.  Or how about the Shaun the Sheep Catapult Toy?  Just use Shaun’s springy arms to catapult him into the air, a perfect pocket money toy or small gift or prize at the Easter Egg hunt, priced £8.99.  Both are available from Amazon and Waitrose.