Best of the Easter Eggs and Treats - for Adults

New this year are these impressive and delicious eggs from Elizabeth Shaw.  With revamped packaging and new flavours, they offer a brand new limited edition Large Zesty Crisp Collection Egg in addition to their Large Whisky Collection Egg and Large Mint Crisp Collection Egg, meaning there is something for all tastes.  Elizabeth Shaw’s Easter range is available in supermarkets nationwide with an RRP of £10.00.

We sampled the Zesty Crisp Collection Egg which combines a large, deliciously smooth milk chocolate egg with a refreshing selection of very moreish crunchy dark chocolate lemon crisps and milk chocolate orange crisps.  Lovely!  If mint is more your thing, the Large Mint Crisp Collection Egg has the same large chocolate egg, but in dark chocolate, with twenty four dark and milk classic chocolate crisps.  Steve and my mum have been fighting over this one!

If you are looking for a real treat for someone special you should head over to the Artisan du Chocolat website immediately!  Their exquisite creations take the humble cacao to the levels of art, with a plethora of divinely-centred individual chocolates encased below a beautiful egg.  We have reviewed the Kaleidoscope Egg and the Hummingbird Egg.

The Kaleidoscope egg is smothered in 100s and 1000s of naturally coloured sugar drops, underneath which is a delicious egg of dulce de leche milk chocolate.  Beneath that is nestled a sliding layer of couture ganaches, their signature artisan chocolates, and seasonal filled mini eggs including milk and dark ganaches, pralines, salted caramels, coffee hazelnut and roasted coconut, and the tangy yuzu and mango coulis mini egg.  Such a divine feast!

The Hummingbird egg sports a delightful decoration of brightly-coloured hummingbirds in flight, floating on top of a beautifully moulded egg in either Ecuadoran dark or dulce de leche milk chocolate.  These edible bird houses sit on top of a pull out layer of assorted ganaches, pearls, caramels and mini eggs.

"Beautifully and deliciously crafted to make your heart flutter as rapidly as the wings of hummingbirds."

Hummingbirds consume more than their own weight in nectar each day and to do so they must visit hundreds of flowers daily.  Their exotic colours and insatiable appetites have inspired the creation of this wonderful Easter egg.

Both eggs weigh in at an impressive 290g and retail at £24.99 each.  They are available from Artisan du Chocolat shops in Notting Hill, Chelsea, Selfridges and Borough Market, or online at Artisan Du Chocolat.

Also available are the delightfully scrumptious and very, very moreish Creme de la Creme eggs.  Inspired by a classic brand, these creme eggs contain fresh infused ganaches with vanilla pods, apricot and clementine and passion fruit rather than super sweet sugar fondant.

To make these divinely-inspired eggs, Artisan du Chocolat first infuse cream and white chocolate with fruit or flowers to create the soft yolks, surround them by a vanilla white chocolate ganache and coat each egg twice in luscious milk or intense dark chocolate.  A real labour of love which pulls back loyal customers year after year; I can see why!  Each bunny-eared box retails at £14.99. 

The Lindt range of Easter treats includes bunny, carrot, chick and egg themes and is widely available from all good retailers.  See our post about the Lindt Gold Bunny treats and trails.

Thorntons have exceeded all expectations with their Easter range this year.  We sampled the Hazelnut Brownie egg which weighs in at a substantial 432g and has a decadent, chunky dark chocolate egg containing crunchy hazelnuts, pieces of brownie biscuit pieces, and chewy chocolate fudge.  That's Easter Sunday dessert sorted!  This is a very grown-up egg full of rich, indulgent treats, and absolutely deliscious.  It retails at £15.00 and is available from Thorntons shops worldwide and online.  The egg is suitable for vegetarians and has no gluten-containing ingredients.

Garden centre group Dobbies has some delightful Easter treats on offer, including the gorgeous jewelled eggs above and this incredibly moreish Hot Cross Bun Fudge.  And yes, it does taste just like hot cross buns...  Yum!

Dobbies has lots of fun Easter events on this month and next with the opportunity to have breakfast with the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts in store.  Head over to their Facebook page for the chance to win a family-sized Easter egg worth £39.99!

If you want to indulge yourself and your family this Easter, head to your nearest Tesco store where an Easter Extravaganza awaits!  With everything you need from multi-packs of hot cross buns to fabulous, hand-decorated chocolate eggs, there really is something for everyone.  We love the finest* Belgian Chocolate Bird Eggs which are hand-decorated using different colours to create a delicate and unique bird design on the front of each egg.  Available in milk, dark and white chocolate, the Bird Eggs retail at £5 each.

Top of the hen walk is the delightful finest* Belgian Egg Coop, a departure from the finest* Medley of Belgian Chocolate Eggs we reviewed last year, this cute wooden hen coop contains six hollow eggs in delicious dark, white and caramel chocolate.  The adorable decorative hen coop box can be re-used for real eggs too, making this a year-round gift.  A lovely treat at a great price, just £7.

Make Easter Sunday a day to remember with one of these lovely eggs!