Getting Ready for Muddy Puddles and Spring Walks

Are you ready for April showers yet?  It doesn't look like the forecast for Easter weekend is brilliant, although hopefully that will change over the next few days.  We're planning lots of outdoor adventures over the next month, most of them involving a fair bit of walking, and potentially lots of mud.  If I'm going to keep up with all the inevitable muddy puddle jumping having three under six involves, I'm going to need to invest in some decent boots.  After all, as everyone knows, if you want to jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!

We try to get out and about as much as possible, and are blessed to have the beach a couple of minutes walk away and the South Downs just a short drive in the other direction.  The girls love to be outside and we try to get out for a walk or another nature adventure at least once a day.  All that adventuring can involve some difficult terrain and, although I have got a lovely pair of wellies, they don't always cut it on rough ground and can be a bit too slippy for my liking when wearing a baby or toddler in a sling or carrier.  And of course wearing caked-in-mud trainers is not ideal for more prosaic urban adventures, so we have concluded that I need a pair of proper walking boots.

My quest for a decent pair of walking boots has been extensive  and I have learnt that I should be considering lots of different factors, including:

  • what terrains you will mostly be travelling over;
  • what weight you will carry;
  • how long you plan on walking for.

The more I investigated the clearer it became that I needed to talk to an expert.  My child-free friend Jen is a regular weekend hiker and does some serious climbing of big peaks, and she recommended Cotswold Outdoor footwear for expertise, great service and a huge range of suitable walking shoes.  I duly headed to our nearest store for a consultation.  They were really helpful in talking through exactly what I needed the boots for and helped establish the best boots for me.  Having narrowed their extensive range of boots down to just four potential choices, I plumped for the incredibly comfortable and flexible Renegade.

The Renegade are perfect for ramblers and have a superb fit, are light and comfortable, just like slipping on a favourite pair of trainers.  The flexibility makes them ideal for rambling up hill and down dale, but they also have an added heel support to keep you stable over any sharp declines or ascents.  They have a robust but flexible Vibram sole which provides support and great grip, ideal for babywearing.  Plus the lining is seamless, so the risk of hot spots and blisters is reduced, and the mid-height ankle support ensures a secure fit.  Being incredibly comfortable, straight out of the box, I was ready for our next outdoor adventure straight away.  They're waterproof too so I'll be able to take those muddy puddles in my stride!

Whether you are kitting up for your next alpine ascent or just getting ready for a country walk, Cotswold Outdoor has everything you need, from jackets to the latest walking boots and lightweight rucksacks.