Grow Your Own with Heinz - FREE SEEDS!

Anyone who saw our balcony gardening posts last year will know we are very keen grow-your-owners, so we are delighted to report the return of the Grow Your Own Tomatoes campaign from Heinz.  Heinz are keen to get families across Britain growing their own tomatoes and you could win free tomato seeds if you apply BEFORE SUNDAY NIGHT.

Growing tomatoes is really easy and you don't need much space at all, just a pot outside your back door will do, as long as it's in the sunshine.  Sow your seeds now and get ready to harvest some delicious tomatoes come summer.

The girls were delighted to received their seeds and some other goodies from Heinz this week.  It's been a bit manic the past few days but we will be planting our seeds this weekend, and eagerly awaiting the results.  Tomatoes do very well for us, in fact last year we picked the last two ripe tomatoes a couple of days before Christmas.  The joys of the balmy south coast!

Growing your own plants from seed, and then eating the delicious results is a great family activity and a fantastic way to get children in touch with the soil and where their food comes from.  It's especially great if you have a restricted eater as when they grow their own there's usually no stopping them from eating it!

Did you know that Heinz Tomato Ketchup is made using their very own tomatoes grown from seed by a carefully selected group of farmers?  In fact, Heinz has been growing the tomatoes for its dinner table staple ketchup since 1933.  Each tomato is grown from Heinz's own seeds, carefully selected for taste and colour.  Every bottle of ketchup is chock full of these very tomatoes, and each squeeze contains a quarter of a tomato.  Impressive stuff!

Head over to the Heinz Tomato Ketchup Facebook page to enter for your free seeds.  Just click on the Grow Your Own tab, fingers crossed you win!  You can also enter competitions to win free Heinz Tomato Ketchup gardening equipment.  Happy growing!

Look out for updates on our Heinz tomato growing over the next few months.

What are you planning to grow this year?


  1. I was lucky enough to win some of these seeds, and your post has prompted me to plant them this weekend. I had varied amounts of success growing tomatoes last year, so I'm really hoping they do well. Fingers crossed you'll get a bumper crop too! :)


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