Housing Dilemmas

We are currently weighing the possibilities with regard to moving to somewhere bigger but, with no prospect of being able to borrow a bigger mortgage, our options are limited.  Everyone thinks that surely we must be high up on the social housing list, with five of us currently living in a one bedroom place and being on a low income.  Surely we are the people social housing was created for?

Unfortunately not.  We were on the local authority's list, but were unceremoniously removed a couple of years ago when the odious Mr Cameron and his wealthy, poor-bashing cronies ruled that anyone with a mortgage should be dumped.  No matter that there is absolutely no way we would get a mortgage any bigger than what we already have, and that the lack of spare cash each month means it will take us several years to save up the deposit and advance rent it would take to move.  Nope, we've got a mortgage and in the black and white world of politicians and administration that's that.

So essentially I made perhaps the biggest mistake of my life ten years ago when, with the then help of the teachers' Keyworker Scheme, I bought this place.  I had believed the property ownership myth, and am now stuck with the consequences.  Goodness knows what we can do.

To be honest, even if we could save up the deposit/rent, I wonder what we could do about the cats, as most landlords would balk at the idea of 5 cats living in their house.  We don't mind that our doors are scratched, and carpets stained, but I'm sure a landlord would.  Although after reading this article I wonder if things in the private rental sector are beginning to change.  As Homelet say, why should pet owners be thought of as poor tenants - and in some cases the pets may be better behaved than some humans.  In an age where pets can have passports, we may find ourselves getting them tenancy reference portfolios too!


  1. The lack of help from the government in your case is repulsive. But, sadly, it doesn't surprise me. After all, we need to make sacrifices because we're all in this together (unless you're over a certain income level and/or age). I can't wait for the election in hopes that things will improve for those struggling.

  2. Oh no, it's such hard work isn't it. Our house is too small for all of us too, but like you we just can't afford to take on a bigger mortgage.

  3. we are trapped in private housing it seems, will be looking for a bigger place in the next few months but the rents are so high


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