Review: Playmobil Easter Eggs

Eeek, how has Easter crept so close so fast??  Have you bought any eggs yet?  Or would you prefer to find something with less sugar and more value?  if so, we have just the thing for you, the fabulous toy-filled Easter eggs from Playmobil!

Lara and Sophia adore their Playmobil collection and play with it most days, several times a day, so they were very excited to receive these cute eggs for review.  Available in several variants including Country, Princess, Pirate and Beach. They even have the older variants on Amazon too, you can see the full range of Playmobil Easter eggs here.

We were sent the Country and Pirate ones and the girls seized upon their favourite immediately; the farm one for Lara and the pirate for Sophia.  The simple packaging with recyclable cardboard sleeve and reusable storage egg is perfect for little hands and the girls quickly unpacked their treasure (literally in the case of the pirate egg!)

Each egg contains one or more charcaters, various accessories and a bigger piece of kit, such as the tractor or pirate ship.  Ours were quickly assembled, marvelled over, and then the play began,  Here's the pirate all packed up in his boat with treasure, and adrift on a huge carpet sea.  He has a chest of gleaming gold coins, swag bag, grog bottle and a barrel as well as his boat, oars and clothing accessories.

The Country egg contained a tractor, replete with the cutest carrots, and a farm character.  Lara loved putting the carrots together herself and then setting up the tractor for the boy farmer to drive.  She loves wheeling the tractor around and putting different things in the liftable front scoop and detachable rear trailer. 

And of course the very best thing about Playmobil is that everything works with everything else, so we quickly had a lengthy story going involving pirate, farmer, princess, knights and assorted animals.  It's a complex world!

The Playmobil eggs make a brilliant Easter gift, and a fantastic alternative to chocolate.  Their play value and longevity are well worth the RRP of £6.99.  As always, the attention to detail is fantastic, with a total of up to 50 pieces in each individual egg.  10 out of 10 from us, we highly recommend!


  1. Wow thank you for this, great alternative to choc eggs, the toys look awesome, great review, ty again!


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