Easter Fun with Oat Cheerios Low Sugar

Cheerios have asked us to let you know about a delicious new addition to the family: NEW Low Sugar Oat Cheerios!

The new O’s have just 1.4g of sugar per serving, making them ideal for families looking to balance a tasty way to start the day and better nutrition.  Cheerios challenged us to great creative with the new low-sugar oaty version, so we got cracking with some egg-cellent Easter crafts!

First up we drew out some Easter egg shapes, spread on some glue and filled them in with cute little Cheerio O's - at least with the ones that the girls didn't munch straight from their bowls!  After we'd cut the egg shapes out we glued pipe cleaners round the edge and painted them.  the girls love their 3-D egg decorations and they have pride of place in the kitchen art collection.

Next we used some bead wire to make Cheerio necklaces, although I'm afraid the girls got bored after only threading on a few O's.  Maybe next time we will end up with a circlet of beads!  We cut the wire very long so they could take them on and off themselves, a fun idea.

Personally I think the reason for not wanting to thread too many Cheerios on was that they knew there was chocolate involved in our next activity!  We decided to try the traditional melted chocolate + cereal Easter nest with the new Oat Cheerios.  First we melted the chocolate over a pan of water, then the girls added handfuls of Cheerios and stirred them through to coat them in the chocolate.

We were going to make little nests in paper cake cases, but Sophia wanted to make a big nest so we tried it in a bowl instead.  Just make sure you oil the bowl slightly first so the nest doesn't stick.

With the addition of some Mini Eggs and a passing chick we had the perfect Easter nest!

Inspired by the nest, Lara decided to create a chocolate-free one for her LEGO people.  By this stage, with the crafting and the eating, we had nearly run out of new Oat Cheerios Low Sugar, but luckily had some regular ones for the LEGO nest too!

New Oat Cheerios Low Sugar are available now from all good supermarkets.