Review: Lassig Green Label Taupe Shoulder Bag Changing Bag

Oh I do lovely a new changing bag, and this beauty from Lassig is a delight.  Stylish but functional, pretty spring colour but practical, and big enough to fit everything you could possibly need, and more, what's not to love?  Better still the Lassig Green Label means it is made from recycled materials.

Most people's attention turns to updating their wardrobe for spring/summer, well I've covered that here, but one quick and simple way to bring your look bang up to date is with a gorgeous new changing bag.  Frankfurt-based Lassig is a fashion-forward family accessories company offering style for everyone, from urban utility to vintage, and their range of changing bags gives every mother a stylish option.  Click here to see the full range of Lassig changing bags.

My choice was the elegant and stylish Green Label Taupe Neckline Shoulder Bag, priced at £109.95.  Made from recycled materials, it is the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious parents who do not want to compromise on style.  Lassig produce products that are free from harmful substances and are environmentally-friendly; the “Green Label” collection goes one step further, as only recycled materials are used to create the products in this range.  Being green can be beautiful too!

The main fabric of the bag is a grey-green grosgrain-feel 100% recycled PET which will be perfect for dragging round beaches, parks and playgrounds all summer.  But what I love most about it is the stunning contrasting turquoise double-handle, trim and lining.

The bag is capacious, with room for all your essentials and more, and has all the features and well-thought-out details you would expect from a quality changing bag.  It has numerous compartments, including three zipped pockets; two elasticated compartments; an insulated bottle holder; a wet purse; deep interior and exterior pockets, a key holder, and an antibacterial changing mat.

The length-adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying the bag comfortable, but it can also be attached to a pram or stroller using the attached carabiner hooks.  Unlike some of the bigger bags out there, this one opens really wide, so everything can have its place and be easily seen and accessible too.  The proportions of the bag are 43cm length x 14cm width x 43 cm height, but this belies its capacity.  Just look what you can get in it:

This TARDIS-like bag looks just like an elegant over-sized handbag, but inside there is room for all the essentials plus cardigans, spare shoes, changes of clothes, snacks, water botles etc.  We have used just this bag on a couple of days out now, and it has served us well with everything we might need for all three girls.  A great addition to daily life with small people, environmentally conscious, and it also looks fantastic!

And when you no longer need a changing bag, this bag can continue to be used, either as a bag for work (as it is big enough for storing A4 folders), or simply as a bag for daily life.

You can buy the Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag (Taupe) here.


  1. Oh wow this looks great and I love the fact it is made from recycled materials too

    1. I know, I love it. You really would never guess it was made from recycled materials, such a fantastic idea. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Changing bags weren't so attractive looking or sturdy back when my two were little I like the fact that it's made from recycled material (even if the price is a little on the steep side), at least it's spacious and should last well, which makes it perfect for lugging round.

    1. It's definitely one to use long after we need a changing bag, such a versatile - and gorgeous - bag. We got half a picnic in it earlier this week, as well as all the usual stuff. I love it!


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