Tory Manifesto Announced #GetCameronOut

We pledge to bring back workhouses for the lazy, sponging scum who earn less than £31,866 a year.

We pledge to abolish the welfare state, and slowly but surely erode the NHS in the hope no-one will notice.

We promise that no-one inheriting a £1 million pound house will have to pay tax.

We promise that the rich can avoid tax in any way they like.

We promise to introduce more policies which line our rich friends and supporters pockets.

Want to avoid this?

Vote Labour on May 7th.



  1. Well done for saying what you think, sometimes things are so important they have to be said, I have already had someone advise me that I shouldn't put anything political on my blog (who's blog is it???) and they are unsubscribing - well goodbye then...


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