Saturday, 16 May 2015

Monday Menu 18th May 2015 - National Vegetarian Week #nvw15 #vegetarian

A bit of a change to Monday menu this week, and not just because it's being published on a Saturday!

This week we're bringing you a whole host of meat-free recipes, complete with a pre-planned menu for the week, and a shopping list.  The recipes will be published day by day, so to make sue you don't miss a single post, just pop your e-mail address in the subscriber box right up at the top there.

If you don't want to go veggie for the whole week, you are of course welcome to pop in and use one or two of the recipes as you want to.  And don't forget to pin the others for future use.

The lunch recipe will be published at 8am each day, and the dinner recipe at midday, giving you plenty of time to shop and prep.  Here's the full shopping list, and here are the recipes we will be offering, and cooking, this week:


Fattoush with a Twist
Cheese, Chilli & Avocado Thins
Falafel in Pitta Pockets
Chickpea, Roast Shallot & Feta Salad
Asparagus Tortilla with Watercress Rainbow Salad
Vegetarian Uramaki Sushi
Creamy Garlic Tarragon Mushrooms on Griddled Sourdough


Vegetable Chilli
Quick Kidney Bean Burgers
Artichoke and Asparagus Paella
An Indian Feast
Courgette, Pea & Pesto Tagliatelle
Cauliflower & Sun-dried Tomato Pilaff
Roasted Butternut Squash Filled with Ginger, Cranberry & Almond Couscous


White Chocolate & Cherry Blondies
Strawberry, Lemon and Black Pepper Biscuits

Let's go veggie!

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