Storage Ideas For Box Bedrooms

It’s safe to say that almost every house has one - the box room. Roughly half the size of a standard bedroom, many homes utilise the box room as a laundry room, home office, craft room, or simply another storage area. However, the box room can also make a great kids’ bedroom for when shared bedrooms are not an option. It can be difficult to house all of the stuff that a child manages to accumulate, but with some clever thinking, it can be possible to open a box room to its full potential.

Bunk Beds

Your standard box bedroom will typically only have room for the bare minimum: bed, desk, wardrobe. An oldie but a goodie, fitting a bunk bed is an ideal way to free up floor space. Many varieties are available, from a bunk bed with a sofa underneath for relaxing with friends or accommodating sleepovers, to the traditional double bunk if you have two sharing. Alternatively, midsleeper bunks have a storage area beneath the bed, perfect for storing wardrobe for a ‘walk in closet’ type feel for older kids, or pop a desk and chair in for a homework and play corner. Some come with extra storage boxes and drawers, so you don’t have to worry about finding extra shelving.

Desks and Shelving

When creating a functional bedroom in a small space, try and think about the storage capabilities of each item when choosing new furniture. A kid’s desk will ideally have drawers on the side to file away schoolwork and keep their study supplies organised. If adding a full-sized desk is going to be a struggle, consider extending one shelf of a wall-mounted bookshelf, creating a great compromise on workspace and storage space. Additionally, this means that all their books and knick-knacks are within arms’ reach - investing in a folding desk chair saves space too, as it can be folded and put away once the day’s studying is done.

Functional Wardrobe

Creating a well-organised closet for your kids can involve a lot of initial effort, but once you have a system worked out it will pay off. Younger kids won’t have as many clothes (or wardrobe crises), so keep it simple with one wardrobe with both hanger and drawer space - make sure they can reach the hangers! When your kids are older and start buying their own clothes, you may have to expand their wardrobe space. Storage baskets or suitcases stacked on top of the wardrobe are ideal for storing out-of-season clothes when they aren’t yet needed, while shelving placed near or above the bed can be used to home bedding and pyjamas, freeing up drawer space.


  1. Our box room is tiny but that bed/couch would be very useful.


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