We've Had a Makeover!

So... we've had a makeover!  What do you think?

The lovely Stacey Corrin helped me with the designs, as getting images with the right text in the right size and the  right proportions for all the different platforms is the kind of thing that drives me crazy!!  She breezed through it all, made everything match and look fabulous, and we are officially branded across all platforms.  Yay!

I'm regularly asked two questions: why 'Attachment Mummy'?  And why the matryoshkas (Russian dolls)?  So here's my definitive answer...

The Attachment Mummy moniker came about when I first decided to start a blog, back when Lara was a baby.  Back then (no evidence remains!), I intended to record all things Lara, and to top it up with a dose of our crunchy thinking, beliefs and lifestyle.  Hence the 'Attachment' bit, a reflection of our belief in and practice of attachment parenting.

So yes, like most 'mummy bloggers', I started blogging purely to record my child's babyhood and everyday wonders.  But I'm afraid that idea quickly tailed off for me as I realised I don't necessarily want to share the really personal stuff.  I'm not one for publishing the loving and emotional letters to my children, they're safely stashed away in their memory boxes, although I do of course cover things that the girls have been up to, their adventures and their learning.

Having moved on from the mummy bit slightly, I stuck with the attachment parenting aspect, occasionally, and to be honest it is something I need to blog about more - time to finish those drafted posts!  But I do quite like the organic evolution this blog has gone through, and to me it now shows that, rather than being 'dodgy hippies', people who practice attachment parenting can be 'normal' too.  We can be a bit crunchy and still interested in TV, fashion, food, plastic toys, and everything else.

Occasionally I ponder the whys and wherefores of changing the site's name, but really I don't see the point.  It suits me fine, sums us up well, and there's no pressing reason to get rid of it.  (I'll let you know if I'm ever in danger of becoming naughty step/cry-it-out mum! Hell will freeze over first.)

I see Attachment Mummy as a magazine site, covering everything and nothing, with all aspects of life, from breakfast to bedtime featured in some way, and a hefty dose of different from time to time.  I hope that's how you see it too!

As for the matryoshkii, I've always loved them and am also a bit of a Russophile, with a Masters in Russian Literature and Cultural History, and lived in Russia for a while.  Plus the stacking babies inside the mama links to the whole attachment thing, I think.  But if I'm the one on the left, we better hurry up with baby no.4! Don't want to confuse anyone with too many babies in my logo, eh? ;-)

What do you think of the new image?  What would/do you call your website?  What image sums you up?

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  1. I love your new look! Love the colours and design! Well done!

    1. Thanks Tracy, we're really pleased with it :-)

  2. We love the re-design and the Russian Dolls! Very cool :)

  3. It looks fantastic, I love the Russian dolls xx

  4. I like the look, very bright and appealing. :)

    My blog is called Morgan's Milieu (milieu meaning "a person's social environment), it used to be called Shaking Away The Cobwebs. I started a blog because I was writing a book and wanted to write about writing but it quickly became about the children. After a while I decided to change the name because Shaking Away the Cobwebs didn't really mean anything to me anymore. I feel Morgan's Milieu fits much better - it's me, my place. I can talk about parenting, writing, or anything else I choose and I love it that way.

    I love that you've stuck with your original name. xx


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