Back to School with Nutmeg #BTSwithNutmeg

I know the children have only just gone back to school after half-term, but during the last half of the summer term thoughts inevitably turn to new school uniform for September.  I recently attended the Back to School event hosted by Morrisons' clothing range Nutmeg, and was so impressed with the quality, the attention to detail - and the prices.  They also offer a 200 day guarantee meaning that the uniform will look as good on the first day of term as on the last.

Now of course we don't have need of school uniform as we home educate, but I do still buy uniform basics for Lara's 'knocking about in' clothes, things like white polo shirts and woollen tights.  I was pleased to see all the lovely attention to detail in the Nutmeg Back to School range, things like these scallop edges to the polo shirt collar:

And as the mother of a child with sensory issues, I was delighted to hear that Nutmeg labels are printed on the fabric and designed not to irritate the skin.  What a relief!  And the price?  Starting from just £2 for a pack of two!  All the knitwear is now 100% cotton too, so no itchy, bobbly acrylic.

The attention to detail follows through on the stock pieces for girls, with sweet little bow details on the grey pinafore (£4) and trousers (£3).  Why stick to just functional when it can have pretty details too?  All the skirts and trousers have adjustable waists too, so they will last way beyond the first half term.

I love this flippy school skirt too, a far cry from the scratchy pleats I remember.  It also has cute pocket detail and is beautifully cut.  And it's at a brilliant starting price of £3 too.

School shirts don't escape the detailing either with this beautiful cuff:

The whole range is available in standard school uniform colours of black, white, grey, pale blue, royal blue and red, although the full range may only be available in larger Morrisons stores.

I will definitely be buying some of the lovely soft and flexible plimsolls for the girls, the perfect thing for running round playgrounds.  The anti-bobble tights and knee-high socks will also be on my shopping list.  I always forget tights until it's getting cold and they've sold out, so this year I am determined to be organised!

At these prices, and with this attention to quality and detail, every child can go back to school in style with Nutmeg.  I think you's be looking at less than £25 for a full uniform!

I even got a sneak peek at the AW15 collections (and some yummy biscuits) - can't wait for the Christmas show!

Nutmeg Back to School clothes are in store at Morrisons now.


  1. my kids uniform is emerald green which the supermarkets don't seem to stock

  2. Labels printed on the fabric and designed not to irritate the skin is a winner for me having an autistic child. All in all the uniforms look well thought out and not just clobbered together like some other brands.


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