Father's Day Gift Guide Part 2

Here's part two of our Father's Day gift guide, with ideas of all varieties and for all budgets, you're sure to find something to please even the fussiest of dads here.  And don't miss the first part of our Father's Day gift guide, and our inspiring Father's Day Pinterest board full of lots of homespun gifts for the kids to make this week.  If you are really stuck for inspiration, this fun dad quiz will certainly help.

If your dad loves a game, and fancies himself as a bit of an ac-tor dahling, then Accentuate is the perfect gift for him.  This fun new game will bring a large dose of cringe, a few blushes, and a lot of laughs to your Father's Day celebrations, as all participants join in with hilariously bad accents and a lot of enthusiasm.  (A drink or two may be useful...)

If your dad can copy a Cockney, mimic a Mancunian or ape an Australian, he'll go far in this game.  All you need to do is read out a quotation in the accent given and ask your teammates to guess what the accent is.  This seemingly simple premise will see dad and the rest of the family squirm qith embarrassment, but the worse the attempts at an accent are, the more funny it becomes.  This is the perfect game for barbeques and other fun gatherings when everyone is ready to let their hair down and have a laugh.  The compact box makes it a great game to take on your travels, so why not challenge the tent next door to a game on your holiday?

Accentuate features 30 different drawls from around the globe, a third of them British accents, and you have just 30 seconds to read one of the 90 quotations out in the randomly selected accent.  The game is meant for 4 or more players aged 16+.  It is available from John Lewis, Firebox and www.accentuategames.com, priced £19.99.

Some years ago I holidayed with a friend in New Zealand whose new husband was a rather pessimistic disaster obsessive.  On leaving, I found a book about what to do when confronted by floods and hurricanes for him, although I'm not sure he saw the funny side...  This brilliant new book from Lonely Planet is in a similar vein, offering survival advice on dealing with everything from heartbreak to lightning from a variety of experts.  Whether you are facing such everyday horrors as the in-laws coming to dinner, sitting in the middle seat during a long-haul flight, or attending a networking event, or something more terrifying like waking up with a tattoo you don't remember asking for or being interviewed on live TV, this book has the advice you need.

From the tragic to the most banal, the extreme (being struck by lightning) to the awkward (bumping into your ex), the mundane (getting through your commute) to the mortifying (locking yourself out of your hotel room naked), this book covers it.  You will survive.  It offers witty but practical advice to all of life's problems and would make a great gift for all types of dad, young and old.  Great fun.  How to Survive Anything: A Visual Guide to Laughing in the Face of Adversity is widely available priced £14.99.  You can find out more about the book and see some fun animated videos guiding you step-by-step through some of life’s challenges, including surviving a free-falling lift and getting lost in the woods, here.

To help in some of the disaster survival, and a must for all practical repair-kit dads, are these great products from Gorilla.  If you are thinking of making up a hamper or tool kit-type gift, or making a fun lucky dip of presents, these would be a fab addition.  Gorilla Glue is one of the leading adhesives in the UK and offers quality duct tape, and a range of glues like superglue, epoxy and Gorilla Glue original which can stick a range of surfaces together including brick, stone, wood and metal which other glues simply can’t.  We love the quirky, fun branding as well as the multi-purpose, highly effective product.  A must-have for the toolbox and the kitchen drawer.  Products retail at an RRP of £15.

After all those repairs and DIY, even men's hands need some TLC, and this Working Hands cream from O’Keeffe’s is the best we have found.  As a chef, Steve's hands are constantly in and out of water and tend to get dry and cracked very easily.  This is the first cream that really works for him.  This heavy duty hand cream is specifically aimed at repairing and protecting the dry and cracked skin of people that use their hands on a daily basis like builders, plumbers, shop workers, gardeners etc.  It is non-greasy and odourless and comes in as suitably male-pleasing tub.  Working Hands is available from Boots, Wickes, Amazon and independent garden centres throughout the UK, RRP £7.99.

If your dad is a tea drinker, then this cute tin from British Tea Lovers.  This special edition tin contains premium quality leaf tea and has the delicate, light and crisp flavour associated with young Ceylon tea.  The special edition tin retails at £4.99, but Attachment Mummy readers can get 10% off with the code DAD148.  Such a lovely keepsake tin to use afterwards, sure to be a welcome addition to dad's desk or shed.

If tea isn't your dad's thing, then maybe wine will hot the spot, and this gorgeous Shiraz from Lindeman’s, Australia’s number one heritage wine brand is divine.  Smooth and unctuous with deep plummy notes, it would make a great wine for a special Father's Day lunch or dinner, or just a great gift.  Lindeman’s is widely available from good supermarkets nationwide, including Asda, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Ocado, and off licenses.

For a gift that will delight any doting dad, or grandfather, the stunning collage canvas from Photobox is a great gift.  I had this one made for Steve and it was super-fast to arrive and of excellent quality.  You can choose lots of different layouts with anything from 2 images up, and add a text box or other effects if you want to.  The whole process of uploading photos was really straightforward, and fiddling about with different layouts was actually quite fun, even for a relative technophobe like me.  The canvas prints start from just £11.  You'll also get 40 free prints when you sign up for an account!  We also like the Dad photo book and cute photo mugs

Even in this age of on-demand TV and subscription services, a box set is always a good present.  The guarantee of a few hours glued to something great on the box brings a smile to everyone's face.  Two brilliant new BBC releases are Luther and The Game.  All three explosive series of Luther are now available in one great set, released on stunning Blu-ray for the first time.  Enjoy Idris Elba's celebrated performance as John Luther, the near genius detective waging his own war on crime, whose brilliant mind can't always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.  RRP £29.99

One of the best series on TV for ages, if you haven't seen The Game, buy it for the man in your life and then sit down with it yourself.  It's brilliant.  Imagine what being a spy was like before mobile phones and satellites and all the rest of it, this is like a '70s version of Spooks or 24, with exquisite attention to detail and a storyline with a pleasing number of twists and turns and shocks that will leave you reeling.  It's set during the Cold War, with the threat of nuclear war hanging heavy in the background, and stars Tom Hughes in an intelligent performance as enigmatic MI5 agent Joe Lambe, and MI5 chief Daddy, played with inimitable style by Brian Cox.  I won't give any more away, just say it's a must-watch.  The DVD extras include interviews with cast and crew, and deleted scenes.  RRP: £20.42 on DVD; £25.52 on BluRay

And finally, for unusual and rather cool Father's Day cards, we love these designs from Made With Love.  On high quality card, these fun prints make unusual high quality cards that will bring an appreciative smile on Father's Day morning.  Our favourite has to be the Darth Vader one of course!

For more SW inspiration, see our Star Wars gift guide.

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  1. some great ideas, the game sounds fun

  2. Thank you for the ideas! The working hands cream would be great for my dad, he's so hands on his hands get so dry and cracked so thank you for this!

  3. Thanks for the post, I really needed some inspiration. My Dad is a tough cookie when it comes to gifts, you can't just give him anything.


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