Happy World Gin Day!

Now THAT is a day I can get behind!  Yep, it's an actual thing: World Gin Day, 13th June 2015.

This is the 7th World Gin Day, a celebration of all things gin.  This fabulous day gives the world a legitimate excuse to mix up a cocktail and learn about all of the exceptional gins that are currently on the market.  World Gin Day was launched by ‘ginthusiast’ Neil Houston (Yet Another Gin blog) in 2009, and has been run as a partnership with Emma Stokes (The Gin Monkey) since 2013.

Why not mark the day with one (or more) of these world class gins from the world’s oldest gin distillers:

  • Greenall’s The Original London Dry Gin has been crafted by England’s oldest gin distillers for more than 250 years, and is recognised as the original London Dry Gin. As well as Original, there is Greenall’s Sloe and Greenall’s Wild Berry.
  • BLOOM London Dry Gin is a floral gin, inspired by nature. Joanne Moore, the world’s first female gin Master Distiller and creator of BLOOM Gin, chose the flowers of chamomile and honeysuckle, with the citrus fruit pomelo, to make up the three main botanicals for BLOOM – each one contributing to the delicate gin drinking experience. Included in the BLOOM range is BLOOM Strawberry Cup, BLOOM Gin & Fentimans Tonic and BLOOM & Rose Lemonade.
  • Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is a unique style of London Dry Gin distilled with botanicals selected from the Ancient Spice Route, with spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, black pepper from India and coriander from Morocco.
  • Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is an ultra premium gin distilled by hand in small batches using the small copper still No. 8.  It is hand crafted at the oldest gin distillery in the UK, located in Cheshire, which has a tradition of distilling since 1761 and is considered by Mayfair bartenders to be the most luxurious gin in the world.

Each of these distinctive gin blends has a perfect serve, but can also be savoured as part of a cocktail, or simply with a premium tonic.  There are a number of activities planned to celebrate World Gin Day 2015, including:

  • Opihr is launching the inaugural Opihr Gin Dash, with teams of four racing against the clock to gather ingredients, spices and props to create a winning cocktail, all in under an hour. The UK Opihr Gin Dash will be held in Portobello Market today.
  • The fabulous new Greenall’s Land Rover Defender with mobile bar will be visiting racecourses across the UK, where Greenall’s is the Official Gin of the Jockey Club.  The new Always a Winner cocktail will be served on World Gin Day, and here's the recipe.

Greenall’s Always a Winner Cocktail

The inspiration behind this cocktail, created by mixologist, Paulina Michalak, is to celebrate the taste of a quintessentially British summer with strawberries and rhubarb.

50ml Greenall’s The Original London Dry Gin
25ml Belvoir Strawberry & Rhubarb Cordial
10ml Fresh Lemon Juice


Pour Greenall’s Gin, Belvoir Strawberry & Rhubarb Cordial and lemon juice into a tall glass, stir through vigorously, add lots of ice and finish with a dash of soda.

Garnish with a trimmed rhubarb stick.

(Don't miss our other Greenall's cocktails recipes.)

Join me for a drink?


  1. The last time I had Gin I was about 15....I pinched a bottle off my parents and got rather drunk. I was ill! I haven't been able to drink it since....hehehe

  2. an excuse to have a drink this evening I think :)

  3. I've never heard of this before! Yep, it's a great excuse to drink!

  4. Oh no, I missed it! Must try harder next year.
    I like a G&T on a hot summer's afternoon :-)


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