What I'm (Probably) Wearing to BritMums Live #BritMumsLive

Yes, it starts this afternoon, but no of course I haven't decided yet!!  Options include denim cut-offs with this cute Aztec print top from Peacocks and cute sparkly beaded sandals.  Think I'll go for that tomorrow.  I have an M&S linen jacket from last summer to combat early morning chilliness (what is with this weather?!)

Rather loving these sandals...

Today's option, I think, is this sage green lacy top and 7/8 print trousers from Tu at Sainsbury's.  I think I might go for this today as I have a couple of meetings over lunchtime and early afternoon before heading to The Brewery later.  Hopefully it looks fairly professional, rather than wedding-y! 

The pattern of the trousers is gorgeous!

And finally, I might go for this stunning batik print dress from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, which is made from a heavy jersey and looks great on.  I haven't worn a dress for ages and I LOVE this one.  It's going to be getting lots of holiday wear next week!

The silver sequin detail on the waistband is lovely.

What are you wearing?

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  1. Love the glittering sandals! I'm at home now so pijama for me.

  2. I adore that bright pink top. Lovely for Summer.


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