What's In My Bag #BritMumsLive

I was lucky enough to be sent the gorgeous Mia Tui Amelie before our last holiday as it is the perfect family travel bag, and I will also be putting its capacious interior for BritMums Live this weekend.  Not only does it look stunning, but it also has a brilliant divided interior for all your bits and pieces.  And here's what my bits and piece will include this weekend...

In my bag:

Kindle Fire HDX (thanks Amazon!)

- hair clip as I'm planning to wear it down, but if I get hot it'll all be scragged back I'm afraid!

- mini Sure deodorant spray (see above, it gets hot in there!)

- Caroline Gardner notebook, and cute pen

- pink Post-Its for essential notes

- Kleenex Balsam tissues (for hayfever sneezes and Blogger's Keynote tears)

- rather knackered Debenhams purse (must get new one!) with ID

I will also be taking my printed out ticket and agenda, business cards, and my Lifeventure stainless steel water bottle.  I'm trying to travel light, but am slightly tempted by this lovely new Nu Craze notebook I received yesterday.

It has great tabbed sections and a pocket for receipts notes etc.  Great for organising blogging ideas, to do lists and other inspirations.

My gorgeous new Sheaffer pen will also be coming along - can you tell I have a bit of a stationery thing?!

If you're packing your bag, have a look at our handy How to Do BritMums Live post for inspiration, and make sure you study that agenda on the train up!

This is what I'm (probably) wearing, so stop me and say hi :-)

See you there!

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  1. All set and ready to go. Hope you have a lovely time :-)

  2. Love the Nu Craze notebook, It's really lovely.


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