Cotton Sleepwear from Melijoe

We tend to choose natural fabrics to dress the girls in, preferring cotton and wool over polyesters and acrylics, but we really struggle to find all-cotton nightwear for them.  Pyjamas aren't so bad, but almost everywhere we shop nightdresses tend to have at least some polyester content.  Thankfully, the Melijoe site has a wide selection of nighties and pyjamas, all 100% cotton and, just as importantly, 100% cute!!

This stunning jersey cotton nightie from Petit Bateau is in a beautiful floral print which Lara will adore.  So pretty!  Whilst Sophia is more likely to choose something stripey at the moment (isn't it funny how they go through such distinct style phases?), so this raspberry stripe nightie, also Petit Bateau, would appeal to her:

My personal favourite is this gorgeous feather-print design from La Perla.  I love how the feather looks hand-drawn, and you just know the fabric is going to be amazing quality being La Perla.  It's so cute!

Tatiana is still best off in pyjamas as she refuses to sleep under the covers and tends to get chilly legs in a nightgown.  So these cute designs would be perfect for her:

Petit Bateau cotton jersey pyjamas in rose print

Super-cute owl print pyjamas, Souris Mini

As we head into the depths of autumn-winter, even the older two complain about their legs being a bit cold at night, so I love this innovative idea from Petit Bateau - a nightdress-length top to wear now, with matching leggings to wear underneath when it gets colder.  Such a brilliant idea!

The only problem is choosing between the cute ditsy print nightie and leggings with a floral print top and pale pink leggings, or the brighter 1960s/70s floral print nightie and leggings.  They're both gorgeous!  The second pair remind me of some curtains my granny had in her bathroom; I love all those old early flower power prints and seize upon lengths of fabric or old soft furnishings in charity shops and car boot sales.

But for us I think it kind of has to be this adorable matryoshka print set first (obvs!)  I think all three girls would delightedly fall upon a Russian doll print nightie and leggings, not that they've been brought up semi-Russian or anything...

SO adorable!

So that's our girls sorted for their night-time wardrobe, what would you choose?

Look out for our preview of the AW15 trends from Melijoe next month, and don't forget that their summer sale is still on, you can pick up some amazing bargains!

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  1. They are fab! My kids have eczema so these are a geat find for anyone with that issue.


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