Keeping Kids Cool Now the Heat Is ON

Phew it's hot!  And somehow that always comes as a surprise to us here in the UK, doesn't it?!  Everywhere you go there are people with fierce sunburn, bright red faces, shoulders, arms and backs, and they're still sitting out there in the sun!  Finding the balance between enjoying the sunshine and glorious weather and keeping safe in the sun is a difficult enough task for adults, let alone children.  Keeping out of the sun as much as possible is best for all little people, keeping cool, and drinking lots of water and eating hydrating foods is advised too.

Sun and heat safety is something Steve and I are really conscious of for the girls, and with the increasing doubts about the safety of using sunscreen, we're in the stay out of it camp much of the time.  Luckily, the girls are outdoors all year round so their skin builds up a natural resistance to the sun as the year begins, so by full-on summer they are fairly tanned and able to cope with some sun exposure.  Yet we still invariably stay indoors or in the shade between 11 and 3.  And on the beach or at the park, a UV sun tent is essential for much-needed shade, even when we go early morning or late afternoon.  Keeping cool is the next challenge, so we have a constant supply of water, as well as water-rich snacks like watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes.  (The compounds in the tomatoes also help with strengthening the skin's ability to cope with sun exposure.)  Cotton clothing is also a must, and we are currently loving these sun-friendly picks from Melijoe:

These sleeveless cotton sundresses from Tartine et Chocolat are perfect for keeping cool and looking fabulous in the sunshine.  They are pretty enough for special occasions like parties, weddings or christenings too.  Melijoe currently has a sale on too, so these gorgeous dresses are now around £40 each.

For something more casual, this funky brightly-coloured patterned dress from Kenzo Kids is fab.  A great beach dress, or equally at home mucking about in the garden, it is made from a printed cotton jersey and looks great.  It is currently on sale at £33, reduced from £46.

This openwork cotton sundress from Pate de Sable is stunning, and made fun and playful with the addition of cute neon ribbons threaded through.  It could be dressed up or down and will last for all occasions all summer long.  Lara would love this!  It is in the sale at £48, reduced from £68.


My girly girls have no truck with shorts, so these flared cotton twill skirts from Petit Bateau are perfect for keeping little legs cool in the heat.  The flared shape is very stylish and pretty, and the skirt has a gathered waistband, with button detail at the sides and this cute sailing boat motif embroidered in the bottom corner.  They are currently on sale at £16, reduced from £31.  A great price for a very wearable skirt.  They would be great with tights in the autumn too!

For boys, there is a huge selection of cotton shorts in a variety of styles and colours, including the usual greys and blues.  For something a bit more funky, I love these fun checked design bermudas from Desigual.  With an adjustable waistband and very cute styling, they will probably last next summer as well!  They are now down to £23 from £38, so a bit of a bargain!

I think the fact that one of my other favourite pairs of boy's shorts on the site are these straight leg bermudas from Vicomte A. (£30, down from £42), means I must like little boys in checks!

My last shorts choice is very different though, these stunning scarlet shorts from Petit Bateau.  Such a gorgeous, rich colour and a cute casual cut with ribbed knit waistband, contrast stitching and drawstring detail.  These must-have shorts are perfect for everything.  Made in a fine crisp cotton twill, they also feature the cute brand sailing boat embroidered on the back pocket, like the skirts featured above.

For t-shirts, both boys and girls are spoilt for choice, with a variety of styles priced from just £7.  Here are just a few of the styles available for boys, from Dolce & Gabbana, 3 Pommes, Petit Bateau and Scotch Soda, respectively:

Enjoy the sunshine - and keep cool!

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  1. Gorgeous patterns for kids! My favorite is DOLCE & GABBANA Fur coat.

  2. These are perfect for our tropical weather. Love those sundresses.


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