Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer Fun with Dear Zoo and Friends

We live in a very booky house, in fact we are slightly over-run by them!  Seeing us read all the time, and being read to from the earliest age, all three girls are really into books, from the odd one they grab during the day for 5 minutes rest, or asking to be read to, to using them to find out information, and having their beloved storytime every night.  They just love books.

The children have two (very stuffed) bookcases in the hall, and another in the sitting room, as well as a huge basket full next to the fireplace.  In the basket are mostly toddler type books like That's Not My..., other touchy-feely ones, lift the flaps, etc.  Tatiana has recently started sitting down by herself to 'read', as well as bringing books to anyone with a minute free to read to her.  Her favourites at the moment are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dear Zoo.

We all adore Rod Campbell's Dear Zoo, to the extent that we currently have four copies: the original, a press the buttons version, the super-fun Spin and Say version, and a bilingual French-English Cher Zoo.  All get equal use, although especially the latter at the moment as Sophia is currently on a bit of a mission to learn foreign languages.

The fun tale of animals and their characteristics is a firm favourite with all three girls, so we were delighted to see the new Dear Zoo and Friends website which echoes the book's endearing style and tone.  There are lots of fun activities, including colouring and activity sheets to print out; things to make and do; and parent and teacher resources and guides.  Lara loves all the print-out sheets including dot-to-dots, colouring, and rhyme sheets.  This could be just the thing with the summer weather looking like a half and half affair this holiday!

There are also two games on the site: a matching pairs game and a match the sound to the animal one.  The girls love these, and Sophia has been playing the matching pairs one a lot this week.  You can alter the play levels to make the game easier or harder too, which is a handy feature.  Both games are aimed at 2-5 year olds.

In the competitions area, you can also enter to win a Dear Zoo finger puppets set, and a bundle of Dear Zoo goodies totalling £250!  What an amazing prize.

If you are looking for the perfect toddler or pre-schooler gift, check out the wonderful book guide and shop sections too, you'll find just the thing.

Head over to today.

And don't forget to enter our competitions!

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