Celebrating Success with Aperol Spritz

I'm about to be very un-British...  Prepared?

Last Friday, this happened:

Yep, we're number flipping one, baby!  Twice!

If you're not a blogger, this Teads thing is a measure of the most influential blogs/bloggers in the UK, and we are listed in the Lifestyle and Parenting sections, as well as the general listings (#12).  And unlike the vagaries of some other alchemic listings, this one actually does measure influence.  Wow!

Proof that hard work pays; proof that having a vision and pushing, pays.  Proof that all those days I see 3am before I finally turn the laptop off are worth it.  And thanks to you, dear Reader!

VERY happy.  Go Attachment Mummy!

Luckily, we had had a rather nice delivery to help us celebrate:

Aperol is the perfect Italian aperitif: an infusion of herbs, including rhubarb, roots and organges, both bitter and sweet, all blended to a secret recipe.  With a bittersweet orange and herbal flavour, and just a hint of vanilla, it makes a great cocktail base, and works well as a spritzer,  It is also low in alcohol at just 11%.

Steve really likes this drink, it is reminiscent of that other famous Italian aperitif Campari, but less bitter and definitely more orange-y.  I usually prefer a more subtle cocktail base, possibly sweeter too, so I'm not convinced by this one yet, but we will carry on experimenting with different combinations ;-)  Steve is more than happy with his sundowner Aperol Spritz though!

The Aperol Spritz recipe is as easy as 3,2,1:

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 splash of soda
slice of orange, Italian of course!

  • Pour the Prosecco into a glass filled with ice.
  • Add the Aperol.
  • Top with a splash of soda.
  • Serve with a slice of orange.

Just watch the video:

Try this popular Italian aperitif today!

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