Children And Cats: Tips To Know

While children and cats may seem like natural candidates to become the best of friends, there are parents who do not take the proper precautions, which can place their child or their animal in harm's way. We all want a happy cat, and when you follow these helpful tips your child and your cat will be perfect companions!

1. Make Sure The Cat Is Prepared

There are numerous methods to prepare your cat for the arrival of a child. Put yourself in the cat's shoes and think about how you would feel if you were them. Set up the child's nursery ahead of time, so that the cat has a moment to get used to the new furniture in its environment. You can also purchase equipment that will simulate the sound of baby noises, which typically startle a cat which is not prepared to hear them.

2. Provide a Child Free Zone

Even if your cat ends up falling in love with your child, they still need to have their me time. Cats have their moments when they do not want to be bothered by anyone, for any reason. Thus, parents are to make sure that their child is not constantly bothering the animal and that the cat has area they can go to when they need to take a breather.

3. Supervise The Two

Don't just place your cat and your child in the same room and expect great things to happen. Your child may incur the wrath of the pet by doing something as innocent as pulling its tail. The cat may not want to be around the child at that moment and could lash out. That is why it is important to keep a close eye on the two when they are together, especially during the earliest phases. Once they have a feel for each other, then they can be trusted to live together.

4. Maintain The Cat's Lifestyle

This means providing a normal routine for the cat, without too many sweeping changes. Cats are not fans of change and when you spring too much on them too quickly, they can become even more finicky than they already are. When your cat is accustomed to receiving meals at a certain time or getting to play with you in certain moments, don't mess with a successful schedule. And as far as playing is concerned, the cat might enjoy some new toys at this moment, which you can buy quite cheap at, for example,

5. Teach Your Child To Respect The Cat

Sure, allowing your child to put a funny hat on the cat's head so that you can take a picture for the amusement of your social media buddies is great fun. But it leads to feelings of resentment for the cat and decreases their comfort level. The cat should not exist as an elaborate toy for your child to play with, but must be treated as an equal member of your household.

Using all those tips can save you a lot of stress, giving you more time for both your kid and cat!

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  1. Great post. My son Toby will hold our cats tail (gently) and say 'walkies Mushu' and the daft thing will walk around the living room and kitchen with him! She loves him dearly, though she also needs a break and has plenty of places to jump up, away from grabby fingers! H :)


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