Deep Breaths: How to Relax When the Kids Are Away

Take a deep breath – the kids are packed off to school, the housework is done, you’ve got two hours until your next shift at work and your hubby has packed off for the day. A few blissful moments alone. It’s what every working mother needs to keep stress at bay.

A little bit of ‘me time’ is the key to great parenting. Indeed, recent studies have shown that stress levels in mothers are linked to illnesses in children. Moreover, stress levels leads to major long-term health issues in the future.

So in your off-time, why not switch off your brain and find the perfect ways to relax?

We’ve come up with a few top tips to help you in your relaxation mission. So put your feet up and take a look.

The Right Bath Products

Is there anything more relaxing than warm water washing over you during a shower? Unless you’re showering in a nuclear bunker or the Bates Motel, a trickle of hot water can be the ideal antidote to your tension headache.

And you need the perfect wash products if you want to stay chillaxed. A WEN cleansing conditioner along with organic soap is the best way to keep your hair and skin feeling soft and sleek.

The right kind of bath products will give you a relaxed feeling every time you pop into the shower. So make sure you craft a chilled out wash routine.

Chill Out Rooms

There’s nothing like space of your own – but it’s difficult to find when you’ve got sprogs running around causing havoc.

For real relaxation time, set aside a spare room for yourself. Fill it full of your favourite hobbies, some relaxation CDs and maybe even a massage table.

And if your partner wants to join in with your relaxation, a few massage oils wouldn’t go amiss for the chill out session of a lifetime!

Meditation Time

The art of meditation doesn’t have to be about chakras or new-age gumph. It can be as simple as a few breathing exercises to clear the mind.

Indeed, some people used to be suspicious of yoga and other meditative exercises purporting to gift you with some kind of spiritual connection to the world. But now most places that teach yoga do so for its health and relaxation benefits.

Attend a few classes on yoga and meditation to learn techniques that you can then use at home.

Whenever a fog of stress falls over you, the breathing techniques you’ve learned will always be ready to swoop in and ease your mind.

Written by Kevin Fullerton

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  1. good tips. i like the idea of a chill out room!

  2. I want a chill out room! The closest I'd get is the little cupboard under the end of the bath but only when we've run out of loo roll! ;)


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