How Much Does a Children's Birthday Party Cost?

How did you celebrate your children's recent birthdays?  In the garden?  At home?  Hire a hall?  Entertainer?  Making stations?  Organised event?  However you celebrated, it's probably a far cry from the home-made cakes and traditional games at home or in the garden we all had.  Children's birthday parties have almost become competitive these days, and they certainly cost more than they used to.  On top of that, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that as children get older, their birthday parties become increasingly elaborate and expensive.  And Mr Bennet thought he'd have problems organising wedding banquets for all those daughters...

A survey by Sun Life recently found that UK parents spend an average of £101 per birthday party, which is actually lower than I expected.  With all those party bags, themed plates & cups, food, entertainment, venue hire and everything else, I'm sure we spend well over that!  It's interesting to see how the average compares across the UK though, with those in East Anglia spending the least (maybe the head off to a gorgeous Norfolk beach!), and London and the North East (surprisingly) tying for spending the most.  Here's how the regions add up:

How does your spend compare?

What do you do for your kids' birthday parties?

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory3 October 2015 at 08:22

    £100 is about right!

  2. I live in the northeast and the average disco for a birthday party costs about £100 that's before food etc

  3. I live in Scotland & I easily spent £100 on my daughters party this year & it was at home! YIKES!!

  4. I've always been a stickler for not getting involved in the 'party competition', a few friends around the house, finger food, cake and jelly and they decide what they want to do in regards to games, etc... I refuse to have a party for the whole class just because some of the other parents do. The best thing about it is, all 3 of mine have said that they prefer it that way because they feel really special, but at big parties they get lost in the crowd!


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