DVD Review: Tree Fu Tom and the Carrots of Doom

There aren’t many things that cause all three of our girls to stop what they’re doing and come from their respective play arenas to sit on the sofa, but the arrival of a new Tree Fu Tom DVD is one of them. Lara’s long love affair with Tom and friends has been well-documented on this blog, and her sisters have happily followed in her footsteps. They all adored the stage production we saw recently at Butlins, and love to watch Tom’s adventures on TV too. So they were delighted last week to receive the new TFT DVD to review - and we have two copies for you to win too!

This new DVD contains the hilariously titled “Carrots of Doom”, in which the Tree Fu Rangers are trying to win their ‘Green Fingers’ badge.  But the Big World carrot seeds have grown huge in the magical land of Treetopolis, and get sent a little crazy by Zigzoo’s latest invention, the Harvesting Hands machine.

The other 5 action-packed adventures see Tom, Twigs, Ariella and Squirmtum trying to earn other Tree Fu Rangers badges, dealing with dilemmas, battling the Mushas, and, as usual, having a host of fun adventures along the way.  Superhero Tree Fu Tom saves the day every time!

Running at 132 minutes, the DVD features six episodes:

• The Carrots of Doom
• Picture This
• Dragon Fruit Fiasco
• Range Tom: A Badge Too Far
• King Stink
• The Sprite Before Christmas

Tree Fu Tom and the Carrots of Doom is out today, 5th October, RRP: £6.00.

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  1. fantastic blog

  2. I would love to win this fab giveaway for our little boy, he would love this. Thank you for the chance.x


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