Monday, 12 October 2015

Join CenterParcs in Fighting the Selfie - and Win! #Cpfamilytime

Ah, the inexorable rise of the vainglorious selfie.  Oh, how I detest them.  Thousands upon thousands of photos of  'me doing x', 'me wearing y', 'me with z', blah blah blah.  Twitter and Facebook timelines are full of them; every (minor) celebrity is grabbed and manhandled for this ubiquitous badge of modern life; it's all me, me, me wherever you look.  I'm on holiday with my family, here I am in the sea/at the beach/on safari/at a bar.  Scenery?  Sights?  Wildlife?  Family?  Why on Earth would I take photos of them (unless I'm in the too?!)  Me, me, ME!!!

With a mind-blowing 1.8 billion selfies being posted worldwide every day, one has to ask how present people are in their daily lives.  I'm not sure taking selfies can contribute to mindfulness and enjoyment of the moment.  Surely, by trying to record our self in these moments, we remove ourselves from them?  Are we spending too much time capturing selfies rather than actually appreciating our family, our friends, our surroundings?  Does the self-centredness of the selfie detract from the joy and communality of life?  Especially when we are parents.

Isn't it time we started looking out again when taking photos, rather than always looking inwards?

Just think what you miss by looking in, and not out.

Thankfully, CenterParcs are on a mission to challenge the selfie.  Instead, they are asking families to change the perspective of these captured moments, asking people to show them what family fun means to them.  (No selfies!)  You might even win a family fun bundle worth £300, including cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers, games and more!

Just share a photo of what family fun means to you.  Take a photo of the scene(s) around you, and share it on their Facebook page or on Twitter using #Cpfamilytime to be in with a chance of winning.

Here's yesterday's family fun chez nous: jelly eating, messy play and biscuit-decorating!

What's yours?  Share it on Twitter with #Cpfamilytime, or on CenterParcs' Facebook page.

Full terms & conditions.

This is the first of 3 competitions from CenterParcs, all focussed on spending time with your family, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you hear about future competitions.

And don't forget to enter our competitions!


  1. Oh I SO want to ban 'Selfish' sticks. On holiday recently I couldn't believe the number of people taking photos of themselves with historic buildings behind them.
    Even saw one person walking along with it stuck out in front of them filming and commenting.

    1. Absolutely, but they are the centre of their universes you know, and every moment has to be documented! Grrr


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