Top 7 Tips to Get Alluring Eye Make Up

Our eyes are definitely one of the most important and beautiful part of our personalities. Not only do they fulfill the basic function of sight but also help us emote, express and experience. Our eyes enhance our personalities and to make them look bigger, better and more attractive, there are certain make up tips all of us can follow. Good eye makeup can bring about a huge change in the way we appear and there are certain basic rules to get alluring makeup which everyone must remember. Below are the top 7 tips and rules.

1. Concealers - Dark circles can really take the grace away from the eyes and it is a good idea to even out the skin tone using a good concealer. This can help you draw focus to your eyebrows and makes your skin look even toned.

2. Curl Up - There is no doubt that our eyelashes truly add to the appeal of our eyes. Why not enhance them by using an eyelash curler? It takes hardly 20 seconds to do so and the results are absolutely amazing.

3. Go for eyebrow enhancers - Products like WUNDERBROW are really in vogue these days and can help you to define and darken your light eyebrows. Eyebrows too are an important part of our eyes and look good when they are rich, dense but shapely. WUNDERBROW can help you shape your eyebrows by adding hair like fibers, which stay for long durations of time and are semi-permanent in nature. If you are interested in defining your eyebrows, make sure you try WUNDER BROW today! It is affordable and highly effective.

4. Apply Mascara - Curling eyelashes is one thing but what about making them look nice and dark? This can be done by making use of good mascara. Don’t forget to put mascara in your makeup kit!

5. Kajal Pencil - Eyeliner is surely an important piece of makeup product for your eyes but most of us forget about the bottom end. Yes, a light bottom highlight with a Kajal or eyeliner pencil too is a must. It can help you outline and define your eyes and can totally enhance the appearance. Make it thinner on the inner side and thicker towards the outer edges.

6. Right Eye Shadows - It is important to remember that not all of us can master the art of applying, merging and blending in eye shadows. So be careful with what colours you use and how much you use. It is important to use the right technique and take it easy when applying them.

7. Don’t overdo the Tweezing - When using tweezers, we can often go a little overboard and may pluck out more hair than we can afford to. All of us need to learn to stop and pick a tweezer up only when really required!

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