Christmas Gift Guide: For Men

From dads to partners to brothers to sons to friends, Christmas shopping is can be an absolute nightmare to find the perfect something for everyone. That said, even for the men who have everything, there’s always something to bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning.

Cosy Clothes

Gender aside, everyone loves being warm and cosy. Knitwear is a timeless Christmas present, perfect for any age or personality. M and M Direct have a great range of jumpers available this season - sons and nephews will love the fairisle prints that are on trend right now, while a snuggly cable knit is an elegant, timeless classic for dads. Alternatively, scarves, gloves, and hat combos make great stocking fillers and always come in handy - a failsafe option is to opt for a sophisticated plaid and black pattern, which goes with everything. For your partner or kids, comfy new pyjamas is one of the easiest ways to show your love. Whether it’s a soft jersey tee and joggers, or a brushed cotton set, their Christmas night will be spent in comfort.


With all the biggest tech launches saved until Christmas, it can be a waiting game to choose gifts. New to the market this year are the Apple Watch (for the man constantly on the go) and the Swegway Hoverboard (for the man on the go on private property), for those who can’t wait for the future. For young filmmakers or adrenaline junkies, a GoPro camera is the gift that keeps on giving, an easy-to-use camera that can be carried or affixed to just about anything.

Grooming Kits

The bath bomb and wine equivalent for the gentleman, a classy grooming kit makes a thoughtful gift. For men who love their classic movies or books, there are plenty of vintage style shaving kits around at the moment, usually complete with shaving brush, cream, and razor, or sometimes beard and moustache wax. If the whole kit isn’t to your man’s taste, websites like Etsy allow you to buy monogrammed boxes, so you can add your chap’s favourite products yourself.


Novelty stocking fillers get their fair share of flak, but it’s nice to have little knick-knacks that make you laugh. Office supplies themselves aren’t a great gift, but combined with desk decor, they’ll bring a smile on a bad workday - anything that is shaped like an animal is usually a good start, perfect for the office worker or student. Bathroom books are always a hit as well, with a huge range of niche topics available, from QI’s Book of General Ignorance to Rob Temple’s Very British Problems.

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