IKEA: 5 Rules That Make Cooking Fun for Kids (and Manageable for Parents)

Recent research revealed that the most time parents and children spend together is in front of the TV.  Whilst finding any time together in our busy lives can be hard, there must be better ways to spend quality time with our children.  Why not combine proper time together with tasks that need doing anyway, for example cooking together?  We love to cook with the girls, but admittedly it can be a little challenging at times, especially when all three of them are involved at the same time!

Whilst many parents do get their children involved in the kitchen, often there are lots of rules and don'ts, with cries like "Don't touch that, it's hot!"  Children are also often delegated the boring jobs like washing the lettuce, tidying up and clearing the plates afterwards.  Sometimes it sucks to be a kid in the kitchen!

IKEA's new 'Cooking With Parents' manifesto asks parents to bring back some fun to cooking with kids, letting them get involved, get messy, and enjoy preparing and cooking food.  After all, the kitchen shouldn't be a place run by rules, it should be a place to come together without fear of mess and scolding.  Just have a look at these 5 new rules of cooking with parents:

Get kids back in the kitchen having fun, making and eating great food, and getting involved.  Don't worry about the mess and stress, just have fun!

With a majority of children lacking basic food knowledge and cooking skills, there is no better time to get back to proper cooking and getting the children involved in it.  After all, the kitchen could be the most fun room in the house, and you get delicious results at the end of the process too.

Let kids get involved in real cooking and they may even surprise you with their skills and their interest in new foods too - perfect for any so-called 'fussy' eaters.

IKEA believes that children are the most important people in the world, and that much can be learned from listening to them.  So why not let them in to design a kitchen too...

Time to get kids back in our kitchens!

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