Review: Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook

In our post-recession back to nature age, fresh local produce and good healthy cooking has never been cooler. Harnessing this zeitgeist, the Cornish food scene is at the top of its game, with pop-up restaurants, surf shacks, and mobile restaurants-on-wheels using every possible vehicle, from campervans to horse boxes, to supply gastronomic delights such as breakfast pizza and everything-free cakes.

The delightful Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook profiles many of these small businesses and their owners, highlights some great cafes and restaurants to visit, and provides a collection of recipes to create your own Cornish feast at home. All without a pasty in sight!

On-trend (to prove it, lots of the male cooks and eatery pioneers have beards!)without being trendy, this style of Cornish food is ideal wherever you live, and even if you haven’t spent the day chasing waves. Whether your thing is fusion, seafood, chocolate, or just great restaurant food easy enough to create at home, then this is the cook book for you.

The book retails at £17.99 and is on sale at selected eateries across Cornwall, and all good bookshops. As a recipe book, lifestyle book and travel guide, it is a gem you will want to read from cover to cover, preferably curled up in an armchair with a blanket and the wind howling outside! And, with the C word in mind of course, it would make a great Christmas present for any foodie or Cornwall-ophile, too.
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  1. breakfast pizza sounds interesting.

  2. Love new ideas and this may just be the tasty ones for a while

  3. My brother has a Cornish pop-up! I'd love to read this :D


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