Drinks to Gift (or Keep for Your Own Christmas Bar!)

Why give yet another pair of socks/slippers/bath gift sets when you can give something practical, delicious and self-indulgent: a lovely bottle of something fine!  Here are some of the best drinks to gift around, or you could just keep them for your own cocktail tray...

Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur has been dubbed the most luxurious Irish Cream Liqueur in the world.  This award-winning liqueur has a fresh, sweet, smooth flavour, and is made from a blend of Irish grain whiskey, matured for at least three years, and fresh, rich dairy cream.  Divine!

Tanqueray® London Dry Gin is an enduring classic, a gin lover's gin, much  loved by bartenders and cocktail makers too.  It has a smooth, elegant taste to make your gin and tonic sing, full of the finest botanicals including refreshing juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica and sweet liquorice, all blended to give a smooth, but bold flavour.  This multi award-winning gin is a treat as a gift, or in your Christmas bar.

Aldi has recently launched a new range of luxury spirits, including a new Imperial Collection Gold Premium Vodka featuring the portrait of Peter the Great himself.  Presented in a beautifully ornate bottle decorated with 24 carat gold, this vodkas has flavours of honey and lime tree flowers, giving it a slightly floral flavour, with hints of vanilla and almond.  A great base for a delicious Vodka Martini.  This would make a delightful gift, or a great talking point on your cocktail tray.

The Glenrothes Vintage Reserve is a fine malt whisky first tasted at the Lord Provost of Glasgow’s Burns’ Night Supper in January this year.  It is a beautifully crafted, complex whisky, featuring a blend of vintage malts from the last three decades, and continues the Glenrothes’ unique approach of marrying the finest whiskies of a particular year and bottling at the precise moment they are ready.
 In Vintage Reserve, older vintage expressions lend mellower, softer flavours, while the younger ones add ‘exuberance’ and citrus notes, a match made in heaven.  This Vintage Reserve whisky has mellow, soft fruit flavours, blended with citrus and honey and is available from Waitrose, Ocado, and www.whiskyshop.com.

Moving on from botanical-filled gins, this Heston from Waitrose Early Grey & Lemon Gin launched last year.  It has a smoky, dry character with flavours of bergamot and citrus peel, and makes a fantastic gin and tonic.  Make sure you use great quality tonic though!  Lovely.

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