Get the Lavish Look for Less

When it comes to adding everyday glamour to our homes it’s really not about splashing the cash. Spending a fortune on the finest furniture doesn’t work (very few of us can afford to do so, for a start).  Rather, achieving opulence in our abode is more about how we put the pieces together. When it comes down to it, luxury is about creating a look, an ‘atmosphere’ and an impression of wealth and comfort. So how do we do that without forgoing our savings so that we can still afford our annual family holiday?

Quite simply we could add a few select items, ensuring they chime in with the general décor of our room (or we could redecorate to accommodate our new favourite pieces – paint and wallpaper after all won’t break the bank. And we can find beautiful curtain fabric if we shop around).

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of splendour –without redecorating - is to consider investing in a large, lavish chandelier. The beauty of these sumptuous-looking lighting fixtures is that they fit in with most décor styles.

They may have been introduced during the baroque period but they also fit in beautifully with modern interior trends. The following black Murano glass chandelier for instance, adds a glamorous touch to this modern sitting room but wouldn’t look out of place in a more dated and staid environment:

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And talking of times past, the baroque style with its lavish decorative flair always gives off an opulent air. Teaming the look with lavish fabrics lends a real luxury feel. Take this Connaugh sofa which would make an excellent centrepiece for any room:

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But if Baroque isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other sofa choices out there – thousands, in fact. Soft leather, gorgeous velvets and silks all add up to a stunning centrepiece sofa.

Meanwhile once you’ve added that fantastic new chandelier or sofa how do you get maximum effect from it? One way is to install a large mirror. It doesn’t have to come with a lavish frame, but it does have to be large, and well-made. This Atticus Art-Deco style mirror isn’t ever going to go unnoticed and again, would fit in beautifully with a modern décor scheme too:

Adding a feature wall via textured wallpaper is another cost-effective way to add glamour and is probably the easiest way to transform a mediocre room into one of splendour and beauty. This metallic effect wallpaper is a fine case in point:

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Another way to make a room look glamorous is by using colour and clever contrasting tricks. If you have the (dare we say it) luxury of planning a room from scratch, try to keep the look cohesive as opposed to clashing.

Do introduce contrast for the sake of sophistication but keep it to a minimum, like a handful of ochre accents in a beige/grey neutral room. Black too can add glamour if used sparingly. This matte-black marble fireplace looks stunning and is a great example of contrast:

In essence, glamorous home design is more about knowing how to use a few statement pieces rather than cramming your home with expensive items. This article in the top interiors website Apartment Therapy debates the whole concept of opulence in interior design, with plenty of great tips in the comments section.

And, just in case you want to disregard everything we’ve suggested in this article, take a look here at the opulent (and definitely OTT) homes of fashion designer Valentino.

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