A New Solution for Getting Around (and Out of) the City

For many years I lived in cities (Exeter, Leeds, London, Moscow) and had no real need of a car.  Just occasionally it would have made life easier, to make a long journey or to make a major trip to the supermarket, but never enough to justify the full expense of buying a car.  Many people living in major cities and towns are in a similar position, with local transport networks serving their needs adequately, but still needing access to a car from time to time.  Now a new service offers access to a car just when you need one, in a variety of modes: car club, taxi and car rental.

The innovative new service from Europcar, Ubeeqo, pointed out recently just how absurd owning a car in modern metropolises like Paris and London is.  Their campaign caused a stir on the Parisian streets, as you can see in this video:

In the fast moving urban environment, Ubeeqo provides a simple mobility solution.  There’s no longer the need to own a car to move around efficiently and quickly when you need to.  Ubeeqo's new, innovative and cost-effective urban travel solutions are available in three different modes: carsharing, traditional rental and minicabs.  If you would like to have a car available in Paris or in London just when and where you need one?  Or for the ideal corporate solution, it's all possible with Ubeeqo.

The Ubeeqo app offers all the essential urban mobility features: locate a car, book it, and securely pay for it.  Freedom from car ownership means no repairs, no maintenance, no upkeep.  You don’t have to own a car!  Just click on the app to find a selection of cars in self-service mode, parked close to where you live, the perfect car size for just what you need right now.  Whether you want to grab a minicab, hire a car in the traditional way for a few days, or use it for a regular car share, Ubeeqo offers the perfect solution for your needs, all at competitive rates.

Ubeeqo's reliable, dependable, cost-effective solution is perfect for city dwellers and visitors alike, for business or leisure.  After all, owning a car in Paris is as absurd as playing a harp wearing boxing gloves, sunbathing in January, or swimming lengths in a bath tub!

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