3 Ways to Make Space for the Kids this Summer Holiday

School holidays, while great for the kids, can be quite stressful for the parents. When it comes to the 6 week holidays in the summer, it can be difficult to find ways to keep your children occupied and it can sometimes make you realise that you don’t have as much space in your home as you’d like.  Entertaining your children in the summer holidays could involve organising play dates with their friends or even bringing activities such as arts and crafts into your home. This is a lot easier to do if you have more space in your home as many of you will probably have experienced!  But how do you create more space in your home without moving to a bigger house? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Install bi-folding doors

In the summer holidays, there is no doubt your children will want to be outside, playing in the garden and enjoying the better weather. Having a small back door can make this a pain if your children are in and out of the house, but bi-folding doors can create a continual space between your home and the garden. Opening up your home to the outside can give you a great view of your patio or garden, creating the perfect way to allow your kids to play outside while being near the house.

Bi-folding doors are great all year round as they allow the room to maintain a great temperature, so they aren’t just a summer feature for your home. They are also secure and are available with additional features such as multi point locking systems and internally beaded frames.
An incredibly stylish way to create more space in your home, bi-folding doors will bring the outdoors in and make sure your kids have the space to run around this summer!

Add a conservatory

One of the most effective ways to create that well-desired extra space in your home is to have a conservatory. This isn’t something you have to invest in purely for the kids; you can use this room however you wish.

A conservatory could be that perfect playroom for the children and could also clear their bedroom of any toys that are in the way. In this way, the conservatory acts as an extension of the home; you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Likewise, the conservatory could be your quiet space to relax in while the kids are playing elsewhere in the home. The beauty of having a conservatory is you can turn it into whatever you please for whatever purpose you like!

Update your kitchen

Renovating your house for the sake of your children’s school holidays may seem extreme but you will realise that the changes to make to your home last a lot longer than those 6 week holidays.
Your kitchen is probably the hub of your home and you may not realise its potential. Choosing to update your kitchen could mean making the most of the space you have, resulting in better room to entertain the kids while you go about your daily jobs. Having features such as a breakfast bar, or creating more room to have a proper table and chairs could provide room for so many different activities like arts and crafts or even reading.

However you decide to keep your kids busy this summer holiday, having more room in your home can make a huge difference and something you can utilise for the months and years afterwards.

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