Friday Fabulous Linky - 3 #FridayFabulous

Sorry this is late!! We're not feeling overly fabulous here at Attachment Towers this week, alas. I'm getting over the 'flu and feel absolutely wiped out, SO tired! Whilst Steve has done something to his upper spine and is in a lot of pain and unable to lift much, not great for a chef so he's off work. The girls are going absolutely stir crazy as neither of us is able to take them out much, so there's lots of crafts, DVD watching and den-building going on! Let's hope the weekend sees an improvement for us, plus lots of sunshine!

If you would like to add a post or two from any genre, old or new, this week, please do so.  I'll be commenting and tweeting over the weekend. Do take a moment to read and comment on some of the other linked posts, and if you'd like to use our badge, that'd be great!

The linky will run from Friday to Tuesday, so plenty of time to link your most fabulous content up.  Use the hashtag #FridayFabulous and/or nudge me at @AttachmentMumma for extra retweets etc.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday Fabulous

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