Historic-Newspapers.co.uk Launches New Scratch’n’Sniff Newspaper

The world’s largest Original Newspaper archive, Historic-Newspapers.co.uk, has launched a new Scratch’n’Sniff Newspaper Book to help bring past memories back to life.

The website’s extensive range of Newspaper Books have been upgraded to stimulate the senses and transport any recipient back to a time forgotten - all through their sense of smell. Selected reports, from a variety of past publications, have been fitted with a unique scratch’n’sniff panel which, once scratched, releases a potent smell associated with the story.

Popular dates/ scents include:

  • 20th December 1928 marks the day Harry Ramsden opened his first fish and chip shop, and the smell of fish and chips became a British trademark
  • 30th July 1935 was the day the first ‘Penguin paperbacks’ were produced and the ‘new book’ smell became a staple in homes
  • 8th May 1945 welcomed the end of World War Two and the smell of celebratory fireworks filled the air
  • 30th July 1966 when England won the World Cup and the smell of freshly-mown grass filled fans' nostrils

To order, customers need to visit the website with the selected date of choice, enter it into the dropdown box and the website will then inform the user of available publications for this date.

Once selected, the option to purchase a gift box, in a variety of styles and finishes, is offered to create the ultimate unique - and unforgettable - keepsake. Each newspaper gift can then be personalised with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’, including a ‘Presented to’, ‘On the Occasion of’ and ‘Message’ field.

Original Newspapers are genuine copies from throughout history, which have been preserved under optimum conditions to provide the best print quality for the year chosen.

Mike Herbert, director at Historic-Newspapers.co.uk, said: “Our sense of smell is often the most common of the five senses to bring a lost memory back into reality. We wanted to encourage the feeling of nostalgia in our Original Newspapers by adding these unique scratch’n’sniff panels. Each publication is packed with easily-recognisable smells associated with written reports, and will quickly transport any reader back to that selected moment of history.

“We’ve got sight and we’ve got smell, who knows what the next level will be. We’ll never rule out touch, taste or additional sound bites in the future,” he adds.

Limited stock: Order one of the new Scratch’n’Sniff Newspaper Books now.

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