Father's Day Gift Guide #FathersDay

It's Father's Day in just a few weeks and as usual we're going to be bringing you all the best gifts around.  Keep checking back to this post because I will update it with new things as they come in.  Head over to our Father's Day Pinterest board for some home-made inspiration, printables and lots of fantastic card ideas.

For Grooming Dad

If your man's got his beard length sorted and found his perfect hair trimmer, now it's time to tackle the body hair.  The new Braun Body Groomer is 100% waterproof for use in the shower, and has 3 trimming combs to trim body hair to precise lengths of 0.6mm, 3mm and 8mm, making it the perfect tool for grooming the whole body.  With a sensitive comb to improve safety when trimming delicate areas like armpit or groin, it will give you the look you want without going completely hair-free, unless you want to.  RRP £39.99

For shaving on the go the latest razor from Gillette, the Fusion ProShield Chill, will leave skin soft and protected with added lubrication both before and after the blades.  This protective layer will protect skin against irritation, with an added Chill feature due to Cooling Technology.  The FlexBall Technology ensures the razor makes maximum contact over contours, reaching virtually every hair, with five precision blades meaning there is less tug and pull for incredible comfort at every shave.  RRP £12

Embrace the football this summer with this fun Euro-inspired gift set from Baylis & Harding.  Containing Citrus Lime and Mint products from the Baylis & Harding Men's Sport range, including Hair & Body Wash, Aftershave Balm, Face Wash and Shower Gel.  the bag itself is also great fun, perfect for any football-loving dad!  Available from Tesco, priced £20.

For any super hero dad, how about this fun gift set from Bomb Cosmetics?  The Superhero’s Saviour Gift Pack contains five great products packed with essential oils and natural butters.  This Super Gift Pack contains Up, Up & Away Shower Gel, River of Clouds Soap, Fizz, Bang, Pop Blaster, Soaper Hero Soap and Zero 2 Hero Mallow.  Available from Bomb Cosmetics, priced £17.99.

If dad is more old school, then go for timeless classic Tabac, the cult classic barbershop scent that retains the heritage of traditional male grooming.  Originally launched in 1959, TABAC Original is a timeless favourite that has made a staggering comeback due to popular demand. The Original Eau de Cologne has a distinctive peppery and floral scent that combines a blend of bergamot, neroli and lavender accented with tobacco, oakmoss and vanilla.  It is widely available priced £13.60.

Designed to help men look, feel and be better, the new Wingman Shower Fuels can be used for both hair and body to keep him feeling fresh and clean all day.  Available in three exhilarating fragrances that both smell great and give him a great wake up call: Cool Mint + Tea Tree, Black Pepper + Spice
and Wild Guava + Kiwi.  Available in 250ml size, they are available exclusively at Tesco, RRP £2.40.

Sure deodorants have a limited edition Williams Racing can which would make a great addition to any gifts, or a stand  alone for the kids to spend their pocket money on.  Perfect for any F1 fans, the highly anticipated new variant, Motionsense is specially formulated to handle the unpredictable, just like the F1.  However fast and unpredictable life gets, make sure he's prepared and ready to keep the sweat under control when the pressure is on.  With a fruity citrus and crisp green fragrance, he'll smell great too.  Available in 75ml, 125ml and 50ml Roll On, prices start at £1.99.

For Gardening Dad

If you're buying for a green-fingered dad, try this fantastic new hose from High St TV.  Now I wouldn't normally get excited about a hose, but this is such a brilliant idea.  Super light and super stretchy, the XHose expands to 3x its original length and automatically contracts in seconds.  Super-strong, ultra-durable and ultra-lightweight, it’s easy to store, features universal fittings, and is made from a durable material that is virtually kink free.  Expanding up to 25ft the XHose will reach all corners of the garden, then contract itself as the water drains out.  Great for washing the car too!  Xhose is available exclusively from High Street TV, priced £19.99.

If dad fancies a bit of birdwatching from his deckchair this summer, head to Aldi for this cute little Telefon bird feeder.  It will look great hanging from a tree, keep the birds fed and provide plenty of entertainment.  Priced £4.99, you could even throw in some bird food and a bird identification book.

Or put the birds in the frame with the most picturesque bird feeder around.  The perfect setting for feathered visitors, this traditional bird feeder is designed as a classic picture frame, with removable stainless steel feeding bowl to put nuts, seeds and bird food in. Easy to fix in your garden or on your baclony, the frame measures 24cm high and 19cm wide. It is available from a variety of retailers such as Amazon, RRP £9.99.

For Car-Mad Dad

For any car-proud dad, the Vileda Windomatic will be a godsend.  The perfect gadget to help clean car screens and windows leaving a streak-free finish - with only 50% of the effort!  With a flexible head and rubber lip for getting into hard-to-reach corners and edges, the ergonomically designed Vileda Windomatic is lightweight and easy to use.  It sucks away the dirty water from car windows and screens, leaving a streak-free finish all the way to the edge and reducing the time it takes by half.  With the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) stamp of approval, the Windomatic is suitable for use on all types of glass, ideal for cleaning the greenhouse, shed or conservatory as well as the car.  Help dad keep his most prized possession clean and shiny with the Vileda Windomatic (RRP £49.99) - the ideal gift for the man who has everything!  Stockists include Argos, Amazon, Tesco, Hughes, Maplin and www.vileda.com/uk.

For any dad who is keen to keep his car in tip-top shape, interior and exterior car cleaning expert Simoniz have launched a Father’s Day Gift Kit. Containing award-winning Simoniz car cleaning essentials to protect and add shine to his beloved wheels, the kit includes:

  • Simoniz Shampoo and Wax - a dual action product which delivers a deep clean and a showroom shine
  • Back to Black Tyre Shine - a high performance tyre polish developed to restore tyres’ finish
  • A sponge

There's even a Simoniz branded mug for that well-deserved post-car wash brew!

The Simoniz Father’s Day Gift Kit is available from Tesco stores nationwide, RRP £10.00.

For Young at Heart (or Geek!) Dad

On even the darkest of days, dad can turn to the greatest superhero of them all to save the day and light his way home with this LED Light Up Key Ring inspired by the Man of Steel himself.  Designed in the iconic shape of Superman's legendary 'S' shield logo. When held on, the entire Superman Light Up Key Ring glows yellow, brightening his mood and surroundings in one superhero-style flying swoop!  Since first appearing in Action Comics in 1938, Superman has been one of the most popular cultural icons, and this keyring will help impart his superpowers to any dad, and remind him of home - as long as no Kryptonite gets in the way...

Renowned pen maker Cross has launched a range of Marvel Universe pens to coincide with the release of the new Marvel film, Captain America: Civil War.  Featuring three iconic characters: Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man, these are the perfect gift for any comic fan.  Available in the brand’s Tech2 style, the pen transforms from a ballpoint pen to a stylus in a flash and writes beautifully.  Available online from Cross, priced £30.

If you're buying for a gadget-mad dad, you won't find better than Anki Overdrive, one of the most addictive new gadgets on the market.  Made by Anki, the robotics and artificial intelligence company, the game fuses a traditional slot car racing track with video game elements, such as the ability to shoot other cars, all controlled through an app on your Smartphone or tablet.  Basically, imagine if Mario Cart & Scalextric had a baby...  Just have a look at this video:

Anki OVERDRIVE, players take control of the supercars of the future via handheld mobile devices as they battle and race against friends, family or AI-controlled commanders.  The innovative magnetic modular track system allows gamers to custom-build epic battlefields within seconds; eight different battle courses are possible.  Players can then expand their battlefield by adding expansion pieces to the starter kit to build massive megatracks with endless variations and new gameplay possibilities.  Expansion track packs and accessories are priced from £9.99 per pack, and expansion robotic Supercars retail at £49.99. Allsoftware updates and new versions are free to download.

Anki Overdrive is available from Selfridges, Argos and Amazon,as well as online at www.anki.com, at RRP £149.99 for the starter kit which includes 10 pieces of track, two cars, plus all the accessories you need to get started.  Steve is completely addicted!

Boris Sofman, Anki co-founder and CEO, said:

“This has been an exciting journey for us as we’ve embarked into a new territory of consumer robotics.  Last year, we were very fortunate to see a tremendous response to Anki DRIVE, but that was just the beginning. We’ve taken that original concept and improved on it in every single way to bring a new level of physical play that further blends the worlds of robotics, toys, and videogames into something truly magical. Anki OVERDRIVE means so much more to us in that it not only represents the future of how we play but how these technologies can help enhance our daily lives.”

A must-have for any Star Wars, this fun Death Star Mood Light is the perfect addition to his desk top or bedside table.  This replica of the super-weapon space station has a push down on/off function and sits on a transparent plastic stand, giving it the impression of floating in space.  It is an accurate reproduction of the original Death Star seen in the 1977 Star Wars film, with a textured surface clearly defining the bumps and crevices of the Death Star, giving the mood light that extra level of detail that any true Star Wars fan would hope for.  The Galactic Empire's ultimate weapon has been shrunk to a diameter of just 18cm, and (luckily) does not come with planet destroying superlaser capabilities.

See our earlier post for more Star Wars gift ideas.

For Likes a Tipple Dad

Whatever dad's drink of choice, head down to Aldi for the perfect bottle.  With fine wines, refreshing beers or smooth spirits, their award-winning, affordable drinks range is sure to hit the spot.  The Highland Black Eight Year Old Whisky was awarded a prestigious "Master" certification for its high quality at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters, making it good enough for the king of dads.  Smooth with rich malt flavours, it has a long, fruit-filled finish and a full bodied ripe fruit flavour, and retails at £12.99.

The Gaguedi South African Shiraz is a sophisticated red with an abundance of soft sweet blackberry and red cherry fruits, perfect paired with red meats if you're firing up the barbie, or maybe a roast?  We tried it with a rich mushroom and tomato sauce pasta dish on a rainy evening, and it was delicious, belying it's price tag of just £4.89.

If dad is looking to restock supplies for future football games, treat him to the Steinhauser German Lager.  With its mild hop flavour, this lager will go with the caramelised flavours of anything that comes off the BBQ.  A classic German lager, pair it with hot dogs with plenty of onions and mustard.  Perfect.  Pack of six, £3.99.

What could be better than beer tasting?  Give dad a Hoppy Father’s Day this year by making him a Black Belt in beer tasting.  With a specially curated selection of world and craft beers, this gift from the UK’s leading craft beer shop Beer Hawk is sure to go down well.  Containing a selection of four beers: a wheat beer, an IPA, a lager and a stout, plus tasting notes, this fun set retails at £20.  He's sure to be a Beer Black Belt after this!

If whisky is his drink of choice, the name the Famous Grouse is at the top of the list.  The Famous Grouse is the UK’s number 1 whisky, a blend of the finest malts, including Highland Park and The Macallan, and sweet grain whisky creating a famously rich and well-rounded whisky.  The perfect ingredient for quality drinking at home, serve over ice or with ginger ale and a wedge of orange.  Widely available, The Famous Grouse retails at £17.14 for 70cl bottle or £23.01 for 1L bottle.

For Foodie Dad

Treat the whole family by buying him this brilliant Popcorn Maker from Prestige.  With popcorn becoming the must-have snack at home, this maker takes just 3 minutes for the corn to pop and you can have a delicious snack ready for family movie night in no time.  Perfect for the health conscious snacker, no fat is required as the kernels are cooked using hot air, creating air popped popcorn for everyone to enjoy.  The Prestige Popcorn Maker retails at £25.00.

You either love it or hate it, they say.  If he's definitely in the love camp, why not get him his own personalised jar of Marmite?  The limited edition Father's Day jar, which features a dark blue label and the tagline 'a toast to the greatest', can be personalised over on Marmite's Facebook page for just £4.99.  

Not something he can eat, granted, but this neat little idea from Sugru mouldable glue could be just perfect for the dad who likes to fire up the barbie.  With this handy little hack he'll be able to organise his cooking utensils right where he needs them, making him an even greater King of BBQ this Summer!

With the Sugru + Magnets Kit (£12 from Sugru.com), he can make his own magnetic holder to organise and hang cooking utensils close to the grill. Sugru mouldable glue is great at sticking to awkward surfaces, so the wooden bench, the metal grill, even the nearest brick wall, will do just fine.  And if he has any left over, Sugru with or without magnets is sure to have plenty of other uses around the home and garden.

For Sporty Dad

If he really can't resist practicing his darts between team meets, get him this desktop darts kit form Aldi.  Just like the real thing, but smaller, so he can practice to his heart's content.  Just the thing for his desk or shed.

If he just can't get enough footie, buy him these football-themed socks from Aldi.  That way he can dream about his favourite teams all day long.

If golf is more his thing, these high quality leather golf shoes are perfect for making his way round the course.  Stylish, comfortable and with great grip, they are available from Aldi's Special Buys range while stocks last, RRP £19.99.

For Traveller Dad

Is there anything more annoying than your phone running out of power when travelling, or even just out and about for the day?  VARTA’s Portable Powerpack gives phones and other gadgets an extra boost, and is ideal for festivals, travelling, camping and days out.  It comes fully charged so is usable right out of the packet, and is suitable for keeping smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS and other key devices powered, anywhere and anytime.  It gives a smartphone one full charge, and has an interchangeable lead making it compatible with all smartphones, but weighs just 61g.  It has a useful hook to attach to your keyring or handbag, and is available in 4 colours.  Available from B&Q stores, priced £7.99.

Whether he's a reformed traveller or a retiree taking on the world, the perfect reminder of past adventures is an El Camino bracelet.  The perfect gift for any dad who loves to travel, El Camino bracelets allow him to create his own travel story, adding different places around the world that he's travelled to.  All handmade in the UK, the bracelets are available in a range of different styles, this one is the 21cm Black El Camino.  Now all you have to do is pick the right locations for him to add.

For Style Dad

Keep dad looking dapper with a pair of monogrammed socks from Pantherella.  Made from highest quality cotton lisle, these durable men's dress socks are hand-finished with a seamless toe, and are available in a variety of colours to suit all tastes - and suits!  Personalised monograms are available up to 7 letters, so you could include his name, initials or Daddy, like us.  The socks with monogram are priced £20; without £12.  A cashmere style, Waddington, is also available.

Looking for a great new watch at a great price?  This Sempre Chronograph Watch retails at just £14.99 and will look great with suit or jeans.  Available from Aldi's Special buys range, while stocks last.

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