How to Use Stone to Style Your Home

Looking for the stand-out feature in your re-decoration? How about bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating stone as a centrepiece to your home without the hassle of an entire house renovation.  According to the latest interior design trends for 2016, the use of raw and mixed natural materials in a home, particularly the kitchen, will be popular.

Kitchen Worktops

Say goodbye to laminate and wood worktops and be the proud owner of a stone worktop. Strong and easy to clean, a solid stone countertop is also practical. There is little upkeep required and they’re heat and water resistant, which is ideal in the kitchen.

Not only that, but stone worktops come in a range of colours to complement your kitchen.
Although granite and marble have previously been popular materials for kitchen worktops, quartz stone worktops are on the rise in kitchen design. Not only is this stone cheaper ands just as resilient to damage but, unlike granite, quartz is nonporous, making it a more hygienic surface.

Bathroom Sinks

Earthy tones are another rising trend of 2016, with designers embracing the natural minerals and colours available in raw materials. Get ahead with a statement piece, such as by investing in a stand alone stone basin.

Brushed or polished stone will add different visual textures, whilst pedestal and angular stone basins can create a more distinctive feature. Granite, Basalt and Bluestone basins look stunning and on the more practical side, are easy to clean and shine well.

New modern sink designs are popping up in many bathroom stores, the Forzalaqua range is particularly noticeable for its unique and contemporary stoneware design. Pair your stone sink with metallics, which contrast well with the natural stone material. Brushed matte metallics are rumoured to be the next step forward for interior design, so choose a matte steel or brass tap to go with a feature stone basin.


Strong yet elegant, incorporating stone into a dining table, desk or coffee table is a subtle way of adding a splash of nature into a room. Modern interior designs are all looking to express personality into living spaces without losing functionality.

This year, hand-crafted and organic shapes are appearing everywhere, as it all becomes about natural texture and materials. Round marble dining tables fit perfectly in family home, with the swirls of the marble incorporating the organic interior trend. Decorate the table with stylish Luminarc dinner sets and floral centrepieces for the beauty of a showroom home.

Alternatively, for those wanting something more contemporary, marble coffee tables paired with brass are seemingly becoming the new must-have luxury item. If you’re looking for something exclusive, award-winning designer Bethan Gray has recently unveiled her latest collection of coloured marble table sets.


If you are one of lucky few who has their own fireplace, make sure you utilise it as the focal point of the room. Traditional carved stone mantels has been favoured by architects for many years and its warm colour is ideal for a fireplace from any period.

Stone tiled hearths is another way to update a fireplace. For lighter, modern rooms, limestone works well to be in-keeping with this interior, yet more traditional rooms would benefit from singular bespoke marble surround, which can be specially designed to heighten the feature.

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