Monday, 20 June 2016

Cocktail or Mocktail? Summer Drinks with Qcumber

Did you see our review of Qcumber in our What's New In Our Kitchen feature a few weeks ago?  This new cucumber-flavoured mixer works well with vodka, gin or Pimm's or on its own, but as you can see here it's perfectly at home in a cocktail or mocktail too.

First up, the Muddy Boots cocktail, a frosty mix of gin and Pimms, highlighted with fresh juicy cucumber and a hint of ginger spice.

Muddy Boots

1 part gin
2 parts Qcumber ginger spring water
2 parts lemonade
1 part pimms
1 wedge of lemon
1 slice of cucumber

Grab a long tall glass, add ice cubes, gin, and Pimms. Then add the lemonade and top up with the Qcumber ginger spring water. To serve, add a slice of lemon, a wheel of cucumber and top with a straw.

If a mocktail is more your thing, try this mocktail inspired by the don of gardening, Monty himself.  Although it doesn't fill a corduroy trouser suit quite as well as the man himself, this alcohol-free drink is packed with vibrant summer flavours to get your taste buds into a blooming frenzy.  The perfect summer refresher for designated drivers and anyone expecting, there's no reason other guests can't pop a shot of vodka in to make it a long cocktail instead.

The Monty Don Mocktail

50ml Strawberry Coulis
1 tsp of Womersley Strawberry & mint vinegar
25ml sugar syrup
6 large mint leaves
100ml of Qcumber mint water

Gently jostle your mint leaves in a tumbler, then add crushed ice and drizzle the strawberry coulis, vinegar and sugar syrup over.  Top with the Qcumber mint water, stir and serve.

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