Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Brits Abroad and Your Holiday Memories #AEMemories

Are you going abroad this summer?  We have yet to take the small people to foreign climes, but I can only imagine how, erm, interesting it's going to be when we do!  Back in my travelling days I racked up quite a collection of physical and metaphorical passport stamps, from one of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein, to the largest, Russia.

Being a bit of a culture vulture, travel for me is all about the language, the art, the sights and the food, mixing with the locals and avoiding English as much as possible.  From chicken soup with the locals at midnight at a rural Thai coach stop (I'm vegetarian), to a third bottle of vodka with a wild restauranteur during a lengthy power-cut in Ulyanovsk, I've certainly got some tales to tell the grandkids!  Travel broadens the soul as well as the mind.  Well, sometimes...

But what of the average Brit abroad?  Is our less than great reputation as badly dressed (or under-dressed), red-faced lager louts who invade Spain and its islands every summer, demanding chips and all day breakfasts, justified?

According to the findings of recent research conducted by Auto Europe, we travel an average of 2,479 miles to reach our favoured destination (if that were literal, I make it Newfoundland, Mali or Ekaterinburg!), and spend just under £2000 on our two week sojourn.  I'm impressed that we average 2.6 books during our fortnight, but we're hardly getting away from it all, with 2.5 hours per day being spent on social media even when we're on holiday!  Maybe it's all the drunk texting after our average of 56 alcoholic drinks, that's a rather high 4 a day.  Or maybe it's to distract us from the 4 arguments we have and the 8 times we moan about being too hot in an average fortnight abroad!  Fascinating stuff.

What are your holidays like?  Are you a Brit abroad, or do you prefer to blend in?

What are your best/worst holiday food memories?  Head over to Twitter to let Auto Europe know using #AEMemories before midday on Friday!

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