15 Snacks to Boost Your Energy Levels

What if you could boost your energy levels, and your productivity with a simple snack?  What if those up and down energy levels could be buoyed up just by something you eat?  And what if the mid-afternoon energy slump were a thing of the past?

Ah, the mid-afternoon energy slump.  Usually the moment I look at the laptop screen and have, literally, no idea what I was trying to say.  The time I address an e-mail to 'Helen' and then send it to a 'Ben', or attempt to deal with invoices and find my maths skills have gone completely out the window.  You know the thing.  Of course, one of the joys of working from home is that I can slope off and have a nap if the need arises, usually accompanied by a coterie of kitties and kids, hardly relaxing!

I read this morning that at the Google campus in Mountain View, California, they have special nap pods for workers to use when the dreaded slump hits.  Ideal. Work. Place.  How amazing is that?  But for the rest of us, taking a nap during work hours probably isn't an option, so Citrix GoToMeeting has come up with a handy list of snacks that will boost your energy levels and productivity at those crucial times.

So read this list, plan your healthy snacks, keep your water levels up, and hit that meeting in top gear!

Snacks to help boost your energy and productivity
Infographic c/o GoToMeeting

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