Christmas Gift Guide: For Grandparents

They always seem to be the trickiest, giving you the old 'I've got everything I need' if you ask what they'd like, but we do love to treat our grandparents all the same.  Here are a few ideas, but remember, if all else fails a nice Marks & Spencer hamper or bouquet of flowers is sure to go down well.

For the puzzle lover, the fun Iconic Brands Collection from Gibsons Puzzles, the oldest British-owned puzzle company, is sure to go down well.  With vintage Kellogg's and iconic Pringles packaging amongst others, these quirky new novelty puzzles will while away an hour on Christmas Day.

The Vintage Kellogg's Jigsaw Puzzle comes in a sturdy, decorative tin and the puzzle makes a bowl of cornflakes.  Whilst the Pringles Jigsaw Puzzle is double-sided, choose between recreating the branded Pringles tube or a tempting stack of the iconic snacks – just remember, once you pop you just can’t stop!  Both jigsaws have 250 pieces and make great stocking fillers.

If your grandparent has house plants, then the AquaDeco Watering Globes from Hozelock would be perfect.  These pretty globes offer a simple solution for watering plants, simply fill with water, make a hole in the compost or soil with a pencil or dowel and place the globe into the pot or container.  Water is released according to the plant's needs through capillary action, so the plant takes only the water it requires.  With a capacity of 200ml, the globes are convenient for holiday watering, ensuring plants are kept well watered, from a few days up to two weeks, depending on plant size.

The hand made, mouth-blown glass globes are individually crafted offering a delightful decorative feature to plant pots.  Available singly or in a pack of 3, Hozelock Aquadeco Watering Globes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The After Dinner Range from Elizabeth Shaw has newly redesigned packaging and two new flavours, with the trademark After Dinner Crisp being a much-loved part of Christmas for many.  Available in four different varieties: Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp, Milk Chocolate Mint crisp, Milk Chocolate Orange crisps and Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel crisp, there is a box for every taste.

Individually wrapped and now featuring a pearl varnish finish, these chocolates truly are a well-loved classic.  They are available from supermarkets and independent stores nationwide.

If their eye sight isn't what it could be, but they hate changing between glasses to see the TV then read the paper, give the new adjustable eye glasses from Eyejusters.  This UK innovation contains amazing SlideLens™ technology, a lens with a special profile, containing both positive power and negative power areas.  When two of these lenses are placed together, the positive power and negative power areas cancel each other out.  When one lens is moved across the other, the amount by which they cancel each other out varies, changing the focus point.  You can read more about the technology here.

These ingenious reading glasses allow users to focus with a binoculars-style dial. The struggle to focus on close-up objects such as newsprint or embroidery is over. With no more frustrating carrying spectacles of varying strengths around to allow you to carry out different tasks. A tiny dial on each arm of the Eyejusters glasses enables the wearer to bring whatever they want to look at into sharp focus. Brilliant!

To brighten up the room even further, try the new desk lamp from Lumie.  Getting outside in winter and absorbing enough sunlight both become trickier as we age, so the Lumie desk lamp works both for lighting up tasks at home, ideal for reading by, an also helps to combat SAD keeping you on an even keel during the darker months.  With touch-control, the lamp provides an enriched and adjustable SAD light akin to natural light outside.  Using the lamp every day can make a big difference to symptoms of SAD such as tiredness, over-eating and a lack of energy and motivation.

With the popularity of programmes like Who Do You Think You Are?, more older people than ever before are researching their family tree and finding out about their ancestors.  The simple test kit from AncestryDNA will provide a personal ethnicity estimate, showing where your ancestors came from 500-1000 years ago.  If granny thinks she's 100% British, she may well be surprised!  With data from 26 separate worldwide populations including Great Britain, Scandinavia, South Asia and North Africa, this test can show you a side to your identity you were never aware of.  It can also match you with people who share some of the same DNA as you, helping you find relatives you never even knew you had.

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