Can't Cook, Don't Cook, Living with a Not-So-Secret Chef + Win Lots of Kitchen Kit! - ENDED

Can you cook?  What's your signature dish?  I bet it beats the 'signature dish' cooked by financial advisor Steve in this week's Secret Chef!  This self-confessed kitchen disaster has apparently got through 27 years of marriage by occasionally rustling up his chicken Kiev dinner from the freezer - a meal his wife doesn't even like!  If you haven't seen this show yet, head over to the ITV Hub to catch up right now, it's brilliant!

Taking a hapless non-cook from burning toast to producing a restaurant-worthy meal, each week a top chef mentors a new case.  Episode 2 saw Steve from Cheshire, whose initial skills included using a table knife and fork to chop garlic, progress to making a three course meal for his wife, family and friends under the guidance of Michelin-starred Glynn Purnell.  On the way we learnt that even going to the supermarket to buy ingredients was a new experience for Steve.  Shocking stuff, I thought this breed of kitchen-phobic male had died out in the last millennia 😮

Although I should say that being married to a chef is no guarantee of a busy kitchen producing impressive food at home.  You know that theory about builders living in houses that practically falling down, or are full of half-finished DIY jobs?  Well, it's the same with chefs.  Ask my beloved to come up with the meal plan for the week and two hours later he'll have written down three ideas.  The retired nuns he cooks for have an exciting new bake every day he works; here he makes perhaps one cake a year!  So, despite being married to a chef, our kitchen remains largely mine and the girls' domain, with our regular bake-a-thons and the every day cooking.

When Prestige, sponsors of Secret Chef, asked me to come up with a delicious recipe and to tell you what my kitchen secret is, I came up with a big list of kitchen hacks and tricks, but I think my biggest secret is planning and preparation.

From meticulous meal planning every week (yep, every meal, baking and snacks too), including creating and maintaining a fully-stocked larder, to getting everything out and ready before beginning to cook, planning and preparing makes everything so much easier.  No more hunting for that vital ingredient, no more running out of something, no more 'what to eat?!' panics at 5pm.  Plan, plan, plan.

In some ways baking is easier to learn, I think.  The best part about it is that to bake well you simply following the instructions, to the letter - and gram.  Why not try our recipe tomorrow and see how you get on?  Just get everything ready in advance, plan and follow.  Easy!

What's your secret kitchen tip?  Head over to Twitter or Facebook to tell Prestige, the sponsors of Secret Chef, and you could win a complete bakeware and cookware set!

Full details of the prizes available and Ts & Cs are here.

The prize includes:
  • 5-Piece Dura Forge pan set
  • Dura Forge Square griddle
  • Stainless Steel SmartPlus 6L Pressure Cooker 
  • Inspire Yorkshire Pudding Tin
  • Inspire 3lb loaf tin
  • Inspire 9" square cake tin
  • Inspire oven tray
  • Heritage Kettle & Toaster – Red

Don't miss our recipe in association with Prestige, live tomorrow morning!

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  1. I'm not very good at cooking, I only have a few meals that i can prepare confidently

    1. I have been shocked by some of the feedback we've had recently. Lots of people feel in need of the Secret Chef treatment! Our schools really need to teach children how to cook again.


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