Weekly Meal Plan #9

Hello!  How are you?  We've had a few crazy weeks where blogging has rather taken a back seat so lots of gaps in my usual repertoire.  No meal plan last week as we had guests and I wasn't entirely sure where we would be or what and when we would be eating.  It turned out meze and picnics were the order of the week, plus a couple of meals at soft play!  Back to normal more this week, I think, so we have a proper food meal plan again.  What about you?  How are the Easter holidays affecting what you eat?  (Bagel picture because Sophia is obsessed with them at the moment!)


Breakfast: toasted bagels

Lunch: tricolore salad

Dinner: butternut squash, pepper and chickpea curry


Breakfast: granola, yogurt and berries

Lunch: tomato, avocado and bulgur wheat salad

Dinner: veggie pad thai


Breakfast: cooked breakfast

Dinner: maybe out or freezer dinner: vegetable fingers, potato wedges, peas, sweetcorn and salad


Breakfast: toasted bagels

Lunch: celeriac, fennel and pear salad

Dinner: courgette and asparagus risotto

Good Friday

Breakfast: granola, yogurt and berries

Lunch: asparagus and radish salad

Dinner: vegetable enchiladas


Breakfast: waffles, baked plums with yogurt

Lunch: potato salad

Dinner: lentil shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash

Easter Sunday

Breakfast: waffles + leftover baked plums if there are any!

Lunch: sandwiches

Afternoon tea

We always have a big afternoon tea for Easter with sandwiches, scones, buns and cakes, so lots of baking later this week!


blueberry and lemon scones
Devon scones
hot cross buns
lime shortbread
Simnel cake
cherry and almond tray bake
coconut, mango and lime cake

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  1. We're only on day one of the Easter holidays and so far so good. I have a feeling as we go on we will go off plan. lol
    I love the look of the vegetable enchiladas x


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