Weekly Meal Plan #10

Yesterday I closed out our accounts for April and was quite horrified at the amount we had spent on food, simple as a result of not being organised, not planning much, and being ill etc.  I know meal planning works, but seeing the eye-watering figure in black and white when we didn't plan was still a shock.  So this week we are having a big clear out, use up and sort out.  With overstuffed cupboards and freezer, I am aiming to spend as little as possible and just buy in some fresh stuff every day or two.  Here's the meal plan.


Breakfast: crumpets with jam, fruit

Lunch: falafel, pitta and hummus

Dinner: pasta with vegetable sauce


Breakfast: pancakes with berries, yogurt and maple syrup

Lunch: pasta salad

Dinner: pizza, garlic bread and rocket & tomato salad


Breakfast: granola with natural yogurt and berries

Lunch: rye bread open sandwiches, salad

Dinner: quick kidney beanburgers, potato wedges and salad


Breakfast: fruit toast, bananas and berries

Lunch: pea and watercress soup, granary rolls

Dinner: vegetable enchiladas, guacamole and chopped salad


Breakfast: granola with natural yogurt and berries

Lunch: beans on toast

Dinner: pasta with pesto, broccoli, asparagus and peas


Brunch: cooked breakfast

Dinner: veggie burgers and hot dogs, sweet potato wedges and salad


Breakfast: pains au chocolat, fruit

Lunch: quinoa tabbouleh

Dinner: using up everything vegetable curry with basmati rice

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  1. It sounds like you have a lot of fab meals planned...
    I think we're going to have a clear out week next week. I can hardly get into my freezer. lol


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